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Victory against the enemy...

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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 04:00 AM

Bush's latest attempt at getting the public to share his optimism about Iraq will include releasing a "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq." White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the document "an unclassified version of the plan that we have had in place and the plan that we've been pursuing."

McClellan said it is intended to give Americans "a clear sense of our strategy for success in Iraq, so they can see how we look at the enemy, the nature of the enemy that we're facing and they can see how we define success in Iraq and how we are going about achieving victory in Iraq."

Above from

Do we have any iraqis around here? I wonder how it feels being labelled as the "enemy" of America.

Do we have any americans around here?? What do you think of the above and do you seriously feel there will be any American "victory" in Iraq? What kind of victory do you feel would be worth pursuing in Iraq?

Do we have any non-iraqis, non-americans here..? How do you feel about this whole circus. Who do you feel is the "enemy", and how do you think would be a good conclusion/solution to the occupation of Iraq.

As for me personally I believe attacking Iraq is just smoke & mirrors for getting oil and further influence into the territory. Then there's also the point of scapegoating for 9/11. From the point of view of long term survival of life in general of course there is indeed strong reason for America to buy time and material through conquering supplies to develop the neccesary means for progress into space etc.

Looking forward to your comments


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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 04:19 AM
Well as an American, the first victory I would like to see is the completion in training of the Iraqi army and police security forces. Theyve improved leaps and bounds there. Secondly, more economic improvements inside the country, which isnt pressed enough. With economic growth will bring more stability to the country IMHO and will be good for the people as well. Thirdly, the GRADUAL removal of US and Coalition forces, with some staying at the request of the Iraqi security forces as advisors and for further training. If all of this can be done I feel it will be a victory, not only for the Coalition, but for the Iraqis themselves. Maybe when all this is over they can grow into a stable and prosperous country, but the tough times wont be over yet even then, seeing as stability is a big question just for that region.

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