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Red stae blue state. Bad 4 America

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posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 04:27 AM
I keep seeing this Red State vs Blue State crap on the news.
I think it is bad for America.
People eat it up though. They are on one side and just blast the other one.
“Redneck South” “Liberal North”

Hey it divides us up. Funny thing to both sides act like they are watching football. Pick a team and stick with them no matter what.
Ever notice their Politician can screw up and the other side attacks. They attack right back saying it is a right or left wing conspiracy. Mean while our so called leaders don’t have to answer for their mistakes.

The media loves to play on the differences on cultures, but never talk about real issues that affect everyone.

I think it is a good way to keep the heard occupied from real issues.
I also find it very scary because it is working.
What do you think?

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posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 02:34 PM
Whats the matter with you are thinking for yourself..outside the authorized boxes. You actually have a independent original thought of your own. Shame on you dare you ???? What nerve!!!!

I'm calling the "Farm" to have you reprogrammed by forcing you to sit for 72 hours reprieve.. shackled to a TV set and CNN...then another 72 hours shackled to Fox news. You must be forced, ...coerced,..manipulated, by the power of the state...against your will and over your objections ....into the red/blue state mentallity. You must be made to do pennance!!!! You must conform!!! One mind thought body!!!! ONE, ONE , ONE!!!!!!

On the serious side I am disgusted with it too.. it is divisive..not helpful to the average American.
I am disgusted too..with the concept that one side is better than the other side. I have concluded, partially by this red/blue state dichotomy, that both sides are liberal. Its just that which liberal do you want..a republican liberal or a democrat liberal. I say this because when you peel back the veneer ...they are both about the party ..not necessarily about the publics concerns.
This awareness has caused me to look carefully at what media and media hosts shill for their respective candidates/partys. I have concluded that much of this is about the partys ..not the public..and I dont agree with this technique no matter who is doing it.
Locally ..when the Dan Rather debacle was concluded the local station dropped the CBS news format...and in its place now is ABC news. It is the same as CBS. Nothing changed. They are actually getting bold enough to inject a political comment in the news format as if it was part of the news...verses just reporting the events that occurred. They think the public doesnt notice it...well most of them probably dont..they think it is news reporting rather than opinion making.
I am very conservative in my views ..I am NOT Republican. I find Sean Hannity not palitable to my senses. I dont find many of the republican platforms be that conservative..they too are more for the party ..just like the democrats. This whole thing is boiling down to a bunch of cheap drama queens in its application before the American public. It gets tiring ..very tiring. It is approaching the canned drama format one sees on professional wrestling. Sorry if this offends some in here but it is becoming obvious to me...I am sure that I am not alone in this observation.

Thanks for your post and observation..Snowman..keep up the good work and hone those observation skills..I'd like to see more of this kind of thinking from you ..well done olde man..well done.


posted on Nov, 30 2005 @ 05:08 PM
Its like Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand" - we are weaker split when we are fighting over red or blue.


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