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Respected UFO Researcher Bob Pratt Dies.

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posted on Nov, 25 2005 @ 07:27 PM
The well known and respected UFO researcher Bob Pratt dies at 79.

Mr. Pratt was an evangelist for UFOs. The Lake Worth resident wrote about them in manifold articles for The National Enquirer. He published two books about them, UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil - Where Next? in 1996 and Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, in 1987.

In recognition of his research in Brazil, on May 3, 2003, at a conference in the city of Curitiba in southern Brazil, he was given a diploma naming him an Ufólogo Brasileiro Honorário or Honorary Brazilian Ufologist. Seventy-eight Brazilian ufologists signed the diploma.

I have relied heavily on Bob Pratt's work while researching UFOs in Brazil in the past and I'm sure his work will continue to help all of us in the quest for knowledge in the foreseeable future.

Very few people in the field of Ufology gain the type of respect in the Field as Bob Pratt has from his colleagues , and will be missed by many in this field I'm sure.

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 02:11 AM
What a shame!

The book Night Seige, in my opinion, was one of the most fascinating, well researched, yet underrated books on the subject of UFOs. That book is what got me interested in studying black triangle UFOs more instead of spewing the common belief that triangle shaped UFOs are all secret government plane projects.

The Hudson Valley UFO wave was one of the best documented, best witnessed, and best researched UFO cases in US history, yet it is often ignored, rarely mentioned, or given its proper credit and due despite it stands alone on alot more solid evidence than other, more discussed UFO cases.

Its a shame Mr Pratt has passed. It seems recently Ufology is losing a great deal of some of its most solid, vital members.



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