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EU and U.S. negotiators out! Russian in:

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 11:00 AM

Originally posted by NR
IAEA said were lying about our nuclear program with no proof than how should it raise concern? just admit it that theres no proof and theres nothing you can do about it.

You have got to be joking!…The IAEA has plenty of should take the time to read....

Iran LIED to the IAEA about its’ nuclear program for eighteen years, hid from inspections and has not answered most of the questions posed by the IAEA to this day.

46. Iran has now acknowledged that it has been developing, for 18 years, a uranium centrifuge enrichment programme, and, for 12 years, a laser enrichment programme. In that context, Iran has admitted that it produced small amounts of LEU using both centrifuge and laser enrichment processes, and that it had failed to report a large number of conversion, fabrication and irradiation activities involving nuclear material, including the separation of a small amount of plutonium.
IAEA Full Report November 2003, pdf.

More here:
IAEA report-Iran, June 2003, pdf.

More here:
IAEA Board of Governors Report November 2004

The best yet (2002):

....Eversince the inception of the Agency, my country has maintained its strong and active ties with the organization and has submitted all its nuclear activities including the Bushehr Power Plant Project to the supervision of the Agency. Complete transparency of my counrty’s nuclear activities is a serious commitment endorsed by my government.

---STATEMENT by H.E. Reza Aghazadeh Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and President of the Atomic Energy Organization Of Iran at the 46th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency 2002


posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 11:57 AM
I thought it was obvious from the beginning that Russia would never let Iran have a bomb. They have just as much to fear from an Iranian bomb than does the US. No one wants religious fanatics to even have a partial say if these weapons are used.
IMO, Russia has just played Iran for a bit of hard currency, with no intention of helping their weapons program at all
Basically Russia has played them for fools.
All this talk of Russia coming to Iran's aid in the event of a US attack is simply BS. Why would the Russians want to waste the life of one of their soldiers for Iran. It was never going to play out that way.

To me it's fairly obvious that China only helps out Iran occasionally because they want a secure supply of oil and gas. If Iran didn't have that, then the Chinese wouldn't give Iran the time of day. Basically Iran has no friends just aquaintances.

In regards to seekerof's Chechnya article. The Russians have known for quite some time that funding for certain Chechan groups comes from Iran.

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