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Was Hussein Poisoned?

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posted on Nov, 19 2005 @ 05:56 PM
Was King Hussein of Jordon poisoned?

It is possible I suppose.

One has to wonder.

King Hussein did in fact give asylum to two of Saddam Hussein al-Majid al-Tikriti's son's in law. I am sure that was something that didnt go over well with Saddam and I doubt he passed the action to the wayside. The son's in-law were soon lured back and murdered. Allegedly by the wishes of Uday.

King Hussein did in fact die of complications resulting from affliction noted as directly similarly related to persons exposed to Agent Orange. Or maybe Agent Blue, or Agent White. Any Dioxin deviant I suppose in lethal concentration.

Considering the fact that Saddam was so played by the US for the two dozen years prior to the most recent war, a method so covertly used to disrupt an uncontrollable regime and gain control remotely by self disintegration, that one's self had put in place for purposes of one's own practicality. (remember how Manuel Norriega came to be?

And considering how there has been little publication of documented evidence of actual WMD being forthcoming, in the mass and tonnage suggested prior.

Consider this then if you will,...

An agent of chemical ware fare, supplied to the Iraqi regime by the US, as Iraq was commonly supplied by the US during the Iran war, was used, rather discretely against the King of Jordon, in retribution for his efforts to harbor fugitives of the Iraqi political system.

Now in the face of public scrutiny post the Iraqi war, is it not within reason to consider that if a Dioxin agent was in fact in the inventory of WMD discovered, that it would in fact have to be suppressed as known as discovered, as it's source would likely be that of the US or Britain, mearly by chemical signature analysis to determine the manufactured origins?

There were not many manufacturer's of this agent. It could easily be determined as to the source.

What do you think?

No WMD en'-publick, as it would also finger the source?

... and, King Hussein of jordon, passed as result of being intentionally exposed to allied manufactured WMD, as result of revenge for providing asylum to Iraqi 'family' defectors, who also provided much inside information to the 'inner spectrum' of Iraqi activities, to NATO?

posted on Nov, 24 2005 @ 04:23 PM
The fact that wmd's haven't been 'reported' as found, even detectable ones that have been suggested as now in Syria, raise many alarms. This most recent war reminds me very much of a mob 'clean-up crew', brought in to 'mop-up' things that would leave traces to the origins of the source.

The US was long in bed with Iraq before any of the war's, and with unsuggested reasons to Saddam. Saddam was possibly the unfortunate pawn in the game. He acted out of reaction to events he did not forsee nor understand. His actions, were kneejerk reactions in alot of ways. But he did hear the brontide, as he lashed out and desired to maintain control. He just didnt hear from whence it came. It wasn't Iran, it wasn't Jordon,....

Some interesting reading:
(read it all) ish.html

Jordan, specifically King Hussein, was in the sights of Iraq for a long time,.. Jordan represents much to the arabic lands and people. The stark contrasts of past/present/and future of the arabic religious. King Hussein helped to spawn much more than opportunity and growth. He started some things that are in full contrast to tradition.

Expect to hear much more news out of Jordon soon.
Expect the focus of 'insurgents' efforts to begin a new focus there.

posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 10:59 AM
to my knowlege of history King Hussein of Jordan was a decendent of the Hashemite Kings of olde as was the King killed in Iraq before Saddam Hussein came to power. King Fiasal if I recall correctly.
The Hashemite Kings are one of the oldest legitimate lines of kings in the mid east. This line of royalty is recognized by all the Muslims in this area. This would lend a air of legitimacy to any leader in these countrys.
King Hussein by virtue of his Hashemite decendence was also one of the most respected Leaders in that very unstable area. A return of a Hashemite King on a throne of Constutional Monarchy would add great stability to Iraq among all the factions. This does not seem to be in the works. If this is so...why is it not in the works and who does not want it and of course why do they not want it???
Would this potential for stability make King Hussein of Jordan suddenly persona non grata????



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