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President Bush & FEMA Bashed In Song Regarding Katrina Disaster

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 10:51 PM
There is a press release on I-Newswire. Here is what it says and I will also put the link for those of you who want to venture.

African American Bashes President Bush And FEMA In Song Regarding Katrina Disaster.

Los Angeles, California - November 17, 2005 Lyricist/ Artist Pearl Burrell slams Bush and FEMA in song titled "Somebody Help Me" The song has become political angering Bush supporters.

(I-Newswire) - For_Immediate_Release:

Pearl Burrell out of Los Angeles California says she wrote the song "Somebody Help Me" to remind people of what the victims of katrina endured. The song has swiftly moved through the internet causing angry Bush supporters to bash back defending the president on numerous political websites saying that the majority of the responsibility lies on the failure of the city officials. Pointing fingers at Nagin while non supporters continue to say that great points were made in the song that may affect Bush ratings. Burrell has received emails from victims of katrina as well as people from all over the world with well wishes and Thank You's.

Hurricane Katrina one of the most horrific disasters that hit the United States which affected a tremendous amount of lives as well as lives being lost. Burrell's song tells a story inwhich images of Americans on roof tops, begging for help. Dead bodies in the water and animals even trying to survive. These images can be visualized of what many people all over the world witness on nationwide television. President Bush and FEMA have been the center of controversy regarding Katrina and the song certainly exposes that. Self expression is what the song "Somebody Help Me" is all about.

The song "Somebody Help Me is on Artist Server . The direct link to the sound is It is free to listen to with lyrics posted.

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