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NWO upscales mass murder of elderly and disabled to postpone BIG BANG

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 05:19 PM
As hurricane Rita entered the Gulf of Mexico I predicted $5 gasoline in some days.
So why did I fail a prediction for the first time? Did I underestimate the capacity of the Illuminati to increase oil output?
No, I underestimated the capacity of the Illuminati to increase their depopulation program, whose psychological foundations were completed with the live torture of Terri Maria Schindler - (illuminati: Schiavo) - six months earlier.

The fact is that in 2005 there were enough candidates for that program - people that nobody would try to protect or miss.
The fact is that, just like in 1936 the Nazi doctors had been braiwashed to accept medical killing with the "Psychology of Genocide" programming, in mid-2005 most doctors and medical personal in Illuminatiland were ready to dramatically increase their depopulation methods in hospitals and homes for elderly.
The fact is that in 2005 the rest of the society was ready to accept the genocide among them in silence - just like they did with the mass slaughter in Lower Manhattan live on TV, ever since 9/11 or since the "humanitarian" war in Serbia and Kosovo, in 1998.

“Misery can only be removed from the world by painless extermination of the miserable.” - the Nazi Party, 1935
Now replace "misery" with "oil shortage, pensions and medicare" for a start.

Totally falsified output statistics - demand in in fact rapidly falling due to drastic population reduction measures NOW being implemented:

mass murder of elderly - google search

Google could fill only one page with unique results from a total of 37 hits:

The illuminati have now proceeded with the next level of this operation,
... and yet the the only results describing the operation are all pages from Matt Marriott, written still before the level was increased - like the very first result...

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