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Iowa Tornado Files Per Request

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 12:54 PM
Very rare event indeed.

Below is a local Radar image .

Next is a slice from NEPA WV showing movement of our storm

Next I will show the AM89 files to match our time frame leading up to the event.

The first is a directional move a course correction

Our jet stream shows up well defined here as does the storm headed for the US

Here is a block from the rest of the Jet . Notice the yellow how different in appeance from the previous image.

Here is another break in the jet. Also notice the yellow right off the coast on the right.

Here is a break in the jet. Agin note the yellow area right off the coast

Now look where our Beam lands right where the yellow was lined up.

With this image watch the Jet to the far left. Take a good look at it and compare it with the area in the next image

Agin noting the area to the left.

Agin see the area to the far left..The black beam in this image is a collector

The last image in this set is turning the jet stream.

What happens is this. When you create a break you create a void. The void fills with much warmer air . After the pocket of warm air is in place a second break occurs. Once the Cold/Hot/Cold mix that has been captured you have a condusive enviroment for tornadic activity.As the jet catches up with the break. Hot air rises and cold air decends.The spark happens then you have a Primary and a linear pulse.


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