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Wilma A True WMD

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posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 08:32 AM
Wilma A fine piece of work from our weather manipulation device.As done with Katrina and Rita.
For this storm I was more then ready. I knew what I was looking for and at the time had a good idea how the weapon worked.
Since then I have learned so much more how it works.I have shown in other post how the disruption occurs and the transfer.Well with this I want to focus on the transtion of the Jet energy mostly lower images since I have shown you how the energy is disrupted from the Jet we will focus on how they use it on the other end.Hey and what better system to focus on.
I will take you here from the start.The day our storm Wilma became a monster.The strongest storm ever recorded in history and in a small time span.
With the system I collected 1000's of images and traveled to be in the target zone.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 08:52 AM
Now I start with this the AM89 GHZ imagery. I have every view from every angle. I also have all the Trmm and SS85 imagery . I might add to this thread when I finsish. The First 3 parts I will deal with the EPAC AM89 view of the cyclone.

Image 1.Here we have Wilma as a Tropical storm and on the virge of becomming a monster.How was it done.I have shown in other post how we disrupt the jet stream here is the transfer.Notice the black beam. This is directed right into the inflow of our cyclone a direct feed.Also notice to the right corner the light colored beam.In this case to create a buffer an idea enviroment.

Image 2. Here we have our cyclone responding to all this transfered in energy.Notice all the disruption between the black beams right over the cyclone.

Image 3 . The ground work has been laid and our cyclone is now responding. But do notice the disruption around and the block of flow from the south over C. America. It shows from the light colored to black.

Image 4. With image 4 we have a continual focus on stopping flow from under C. America. This action is to keep our developing while pushing more Jet energy into the area.

Image 5 . Here we have the Beam over the top of our Cyclone.

Image 6. All in place now it is time to go for a drive. This action is guiding our cyclone towards the Yucatan. I have also added the NWATL image.

Image 7. This will be the blast of energy that will make Wilma a record setter.

Image 8. What a difference in dynamics. Notice the seperation of color over Texas the Blue to White. The beam is pushing energy into the area Wilma's inflow is feeding.

Image 9 . Here is some more transfer Notice the light colored beams and the black line and the disruption over the entire area of our cyclone.

Image 10 . We are not done with this yet. More manipulation and Guidance.

Image 11. My goodness the strongest Hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin emerges.

Image 12 . Here we are guiding the cyclone in. but at the same time disrupting and moving some energy from the right to the left. Notice difference in the system under the light colored beam. Really we could have made Wilma stronger.I have also added a view from the NWATL

Image 13 . This is the transfer of energy back Notice system to the left .We also have the crossover beam and stop flow traingle at the bottom.I have also added a view from the NWATL

Image 14 .Now look at the system to the left also look at Wilma now the strongest ever recorded storm in history

Want to see more. Sure you do.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 09:06 AM
With this post I will focus on guiding this monster in to the target.

Image 1. and Image 2. Almost alike .This is bringing Wilma in

Image 3 No Modding going on in this photo.

Image 4 Pushing her in

Image 5 same action as above but disrupting westerly flow. This will slow our cyclone down

Image 6 keeping the power level up in the cyclone

Image 7 This is a collecting grid.

Image 8 This is our wedge block. I want you to notice the fine line between the beams.

Image 9 Our storm has responded and is not moving. Notice the light beam that was between the dark beams is now black.
Mexico is getting trashed compliments of our Manipulation device.

With the next set I will focus on the move

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 09:15 AM
Here in this set we will look at the move and kicker.

Image 1. Here we have the light beam blocked at C. America and maintaing our cyclone.

Image 2. Our system has been compermised and is weaking. Time for a move for the Next plan the Florida crops.

Image 3. Notice the black beams. Here is our kicker. The wedge is pushing Wilma off the coast of the Yucatan. This being aided by our black beam to the Left.This action had to be done because Wilma did not respond to the cold front and part 2 of the plan would fail so they pushed her out to where she would respond. She did.

Image 4. Pulling itself back as Wilma exits the Coast of the Yucatan.

Image 5 . Giving Wilma a boost of energy from the beam on the right.

Image 6. Giving more power to the cyclone.

Image 7. No modding noted to the cyclone here.

And folks that is how it is done on the surface.The weapon must be stopped.

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 09:33 AM
What are these beams? Did you add them as a guide or where they in the original images? Could they just be areas of no data or another glitch?

posted on Nov, 18 2005 @ 09:49 AM
I did not add them as a Guide they are already in the AMSU AM89 GHZ imagery This is solar radiance imagery. You can get the files at NOAA.

They offically claim they are area's of no Data and show as blanks.This is not the case.
I have noticed breaks in the Jet stream and obvious impact and transfer VIA the Beams.

I first noticed some really wierd stuff back during Katrina and then Rita.

It was not until Stan when I started to overlay the AMSU images with WV Visual and IR-4 .I came up with everytime a beam was focused a reaction would happen. Sometimes it would take a while but a action would occur.
I have many files to bring to this forum.

If anyone is intrested in Learning how this Weather Weapon Array works I will continue to post.

If not I will move on to another board. I've collected enough evidence since August to confirm we are dealing with Fact not fiction.
And this weapon maybe a part of the HAARP array or something entirely different.Either way I'm confident in that this is infact going on.

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