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Another step closer to disclosure?

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posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 05:47 PM
A team of scientists at the University of Arkansas beleives that water is able to exist on Mars right now. The scientific community have been coming to the acceptance that water, at one point in time, did exist on Mars. Now recent findings suggest that water could still survive on the red planet, thus allowing the chance for life.

From the shoreline of an ancient salty sea to the bottoms of deep, flood-carved channels, Mars is scarred with geological signs that indicate liquid water once flowed on the its surface.

These findings, combined with the discovery of tiny, spherical "blueberries" and the detection of water ice in the planet's polar ice caps, have led scientists to scour the planet for signs of liquid water in recent years.

The elusive quarry has remained hidden, possibly because it may not exist for more than a fleeting second. Due to Mars' low temperatures and extremely low atmospheric pressure — less than a hundredth that of Earth — pure water evaporates from ice to gas so quickly that it skips the liquid phase.

But now, new research by a team of scientists at the University of Arkansas suggests that liquid water could persist for some time on Mars, so long as it is salty.

IMO, this is yet one more step in the VERY SLOW process of desensatizing the general public to the ultimate disclosure of the existence of ET.

posted on Nov, 16 2005 @ 08:55 AM

IMO, this is yet one more step in the VERY SLOW process of desensatizing the general public to the ultimate disclosure of the existence of ET.

I hope you're right, but unfortunately my gut-feeling says otherwise.

Interesting nontheless

posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 02:22 AM
Most people are not really into reading about UFOs and ETs.

Even when I was in China and Japan and other countries, many people think it is weird just to talk about the stars and astronomy.

I respect Command Sergeant Major Bob O. Dean (ret) in an archived interview (MP3s) ... He said "how can the president tell the whole world that there are things the size of aircraft carriers traveling under the ocean at a hundred miles an hour, that we didn't build". etc.

The beauty is people are free, with the internet, to make their websites and chat with like minded people, creating their little hobbies and heaven.

Personally for me though,
some of the best moments of my life was borrowing another UFO book from the local public libraries, getting into bed at 8:00pm, and read.

And I'll tell you.
I've given on CD or shown the Disclosure Project video to many people.

And I get this type of feedback....

1. "It is too long, I didn't finish it".

2. "How do we know it is true?".

3. "Intriguing".

4. "I'm not into UFO crap mate".

5. "Couldn't find it on the CD".

6. "No thanks, I'll wait until it is on the 6:00pm news".

7. etc, etc.

My friends that enjoy a UFO book, like the video.
But most other people ...... no way.
(Too Spooky, too much ridicule, too much hard work)

One friend said a while back, "we can't all be the same".
"You study space, I'm going out to play golf"

Although, in Russia, if they can't afford golf, or a new PC video game, they might read strange UFO stories for entertainment.
Found this quote today........

"UFOs are big business in the former Soviet republics, and books and
magazines sell very well. A recent book, published in Estonia, sold
its first 20.000 copies in no time and are now out of print."


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