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Total Government Reformation...

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posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 12:52 PM
9/11/01... I remember the very day this all happened like a bad dream from the night before. At first, I almost fell for it. I started playing into the whole "patriotic" idea until it finally hit me so hard and raw like a huge slab of sushi. It was all smoke n mirrors folks. A huge scheme and plot that the bush administration simply turned their backs on to make a huge wad of cash fast and impress and help out your extremist muslim friends. I have gone through all the video and analyzed each FRAME. I changed the hues, style, shadows, darkness and brightness of the picture, not to mention, outlined the countours and watched the clips over and over. There are SO many anomalous things. Right before the first plane hits, contour CLEARLY points out a rounded-looking projectile with a small tail coming out from beneath the airplane, with a brilliant flash (incendiary missile?) before the plane hits. Also, you can see the plane is NOT of normal size, and definately not a 747 jet as they had said. Look at the damage comparison in the building... theres SO many more factors that just DONT add up no matter which way you put it. None of it fits or makes sense. The "official" story, doesnt make sense. We need a serious reformation of government if theyre driven to kill for money alone. I feel so betrayed... I dont know about the rest of you, but i'm damn ready to organize a "UNCOVER THE TRUTH OF 9-11 RALLY" march to the white house, and DEMAND the truth be handed over. Screw courts arguing for years over vital information. We want the truth now, and I say unless we start getting some answers and ridding our country of all this corruption, we REBEL. We the people of the USA have the right to overthrow government when we dont feel safe... when the very people assigned to protect us are the ones making contracts on our lives. Please people... lets not sit around and talk about it, lets make a serious action and get some type of petition moving. Some type of group to eradicate the lies. Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, all their multimillion dollar corporations that help them do crimes against humanity. Billionaires for bush? Sure, cuz you know bush wont fly a plane into your house if it doesnt make him any money.

Lets do this people... lets be the voice of a nation and tell these bastards we aint gonna take their SH*T anymore! Much love people, be real and seriously, think about what I said. If we want change, we need to HELP to get it done... our government is leading us to apocalypse. Stay safe.

P.S. There was so much more I wanted to put, but my buddy got mad at me for angrily typing on his new laptop... **lolz**

Lets do this people.... we cant let them run us any longer.

[edit on 11/11/2005 by ZyPHeR]

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