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Misplaced frogs

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posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 03:26 PM
Today, when I got home from school, my dad was down in our basement changing our sump pump. Apperantly the sump pump had broken, and my dad didn't know for how long it had been that way. Now here comes the strange part. My dad told me, that when he first went down there and looked at the pump, a bunch of frogs leapt from somewhere in the basement and into the sump, which was full. We have no idea how they got in to the basement.
The only way in was through a pipe that connected to the older, broken pump. But there is a check valve built into the pipe to prevent objects from getting in. Anyway, as soon as I heard there were frogs where they weren't supposed to be I set about catching them.
After my dad replaced the pump I caught 5 frogs and put most of them in seperate containers, I've got two frogs sharing one container. Eventually I'm going to have to set them free but before that I want your peoples input on how they might have gotten in.

posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 04:12 PM
It's not surprising that a few toads hopped into your house and began to reproduce. These aren't frogs because frogs are dependent on water while toads are mostly land-dwelling creatures. I'm guessing you might've left a door open, or even a window open and a few small toads hopped in and made themselves comfortable.


posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 05:34 PM
Toads dont leap, frogs do leap, and the sump is the water. Frogs actually don't need water, only once a year do they need water for breeding in. I find frogs in my garden year round, they eat the slugs
I have no water within 300 - 500 yards.

Err OP, what do you mean a "sump" what does this sump do exactly? Just curious.

P.S. let the poor frogs go.

posted on Nov, 7 2005 @ 05:58 PM
A sump pump is a pump in the basement of most houses, which controls the water level. Pumps excess water out away from your house so that it doesn't flood. For most people who have one, if it breaks during a bad storm, your basement will most likely flood.

As for the frogs, may I suggest eating them. I know it sounds bad but I actually had some frog legs the other night for the first time, and they really DO taste, smell, feel etc everything just like chicken. The only animal I have ever eaten that actually DOES taste like chicken, besides chicken. 10 legs should make a decent meal for you and your dad

posted on Nov, 8 2005 @ 06:02 AM
Well, I can't stand the thought of eating a frog. Sorry but it just doesn't sound right. After I posted this we caught two more frogs but over the night two of them escaped. So I've got five again. A sump is an artifical lowest point in your house made so the water can gather. The sump pump pumps the water out.

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