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The Evolution Conspiracy

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posted on Nov, 6 2005 @ 10:03 AM
My theory is that the whole evolution debate is a big cover up - and people are being manipulated through their religious beliefs to help hide the real biological crises facing our world.

The real situation is clear, scientifically speaking:

1. Bioweapons experimentation, chemical contamination, and pollution have caused mutations in microbes.

2. The microbes adapt and evolve to survive - through mutation.

3. These microbial mutations result in new diseases, and new forms of old diseases, and infect people and other lifeforms.

4. The package - bioweapons experimentation, chemical contamination, pollution, and new mutated microbes - doesn't just cause diseases in people and other lifeforms - it also causes mutations.

5. So in turn, people and other lifeforms adapt and evolve to survive - through mutation.

6. In its first stages, human adaptation and mutation is seen as "disease."

We've changed our world completely: chemically, and biologically. No technology, scientist, geneticist, or man can determine what particular mutation might lead to a trait essential for human survival. We do not have the knowledge to decide what's worth keeping, and what's trash.

But - eugenics/genetics theory dominates our thinking, and says unmutated humans are genetically superior, and only they are "acceptable" specimens. Despite the fact that unmutated lifeforms are not evolved to survive in this world.

The next step involves killing off all the "diseased" mutants - without giving humans a chance to adapt and evolve, and without giving God or nature the opportunity to choose and develop the necessary new traits that will allow humans to survive in this re-made world.

The killing, or euthanasia, will be possible because the evolution debate has been orchestrated and polarized to prevent people from learning and talking about the real situation.

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posted on Jul, 5 2009 @ 01:17 PM
Yeah. I know that this is old and no one bothered to reply to it but I feel I have to. Sort of. Basically what you have said, though very interesting and reasonably averagely thought out, you haven't plugged the holes! Pollution and Biological warefare and what not were not really around to get things evolving until very recently in the planets history. I get the major catastrophies of history (before us) may have mutated genes and so on but it isn't holding water for me. Ramadwarf. And that's saying something! Well done though. Maybe I''ve made a fool of myself and it's all true?

Ramadwarf on leakage

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