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Here is what I believe in some who call "God"

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posted on Nov, 5 2005 @ 11:56 AM
I dont;t believe in someone some call "God" I believe in a creator that came from another planet long ago as some call BC.

This creator mad a spiecis of sort that evolved into many different kinds of spieces, US. I believe that the creator was sent to make earth a wonderful place to live due to maybe the fact that the planet they lived on was in a doom and gloom situation.
So, In realitity, there are no such things as "Aliens". Just those of us of the same family that have evolved over many centuries and have genitically been altard from time to time, to try and make the perfect race.
This creator (I believe) does not have the power that those of you put into your "God". Now, I am not saying he/she does not have power, quite the opposite.

Remember, the bible was written by nothing but man. Men and woman that had the tools that they had back then to discribe what the saw or experienced. I think that our creator is so sick and tierd of seeing us destroy the earth he had so entended to be so wonderful for us, it is now time for the original spieces to take over and start all over again.
Meaning the secret societies etc......


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