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going nowhere

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posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 06:48 AM
Oh, God, send us thy fire for our sins to be destroyed, we do not see the seed of thy life, unfortunatly going further in this hellhole.

How much more do we need to continiue this outrageous destroying of mankinds mind, we fall so deep we might think we're ascending. Ignorance taking over, ignorance about the world, about ourselves, about thy true nature.

who am I to stand up and speak my mind, whilst others rather cross me.
I might live in the most ignorant state a manchild can get without knowing it. Where are we heading for? What are we working for? What are we building? Our own prison?

Where is thy savior, whom will it be, is it just one man? When will this battle end? When will the battle start? When shall we realize we are persecuting an unreal vision of mankind? an unnatural vision maybe.

So lost in our works, we're to blind to see where we are heading at, so consumed with greed and selfishness we do not realize there are others.

I seem to get down, to be overwhelmed with this thing, drowning in our disguises, instead of wearing an armor of god, I'd say I start wearing a mask of the devil. Loosing my sense of loyalty, eager to tear it all apart.
I understand why terrorists arise, I'd also rather blow up myself together with a piece of this electro-techno-economo-city-prison. But what's the deal. Multiple partys pulling sides of this web, while the spider consumes the fallen ones.

What's happening, where is society, it's not seen anymore. we're almost seperated to the part we all stand alone. Everyone with a vision, of what things should be like, differing from one another, and even the comparing ones getting eachother into trouble.

Why did we ever give a bunch of wicked men the right to lead us. While they are only out there for their own profit. Out there for power over others, to seperate us through forms of believes, interests, and visions.

Big city life, me try if I get by, pressure nah ease up no matter how hard me try, big city life here my heart have no base, and right now babylon end up on me case.

each one banging heads against his own wall :bnghd:, why don't we recycle this world.

free energy systems, why not becoming farmers again, soon we'll push a button and we'll get a cloned apple or something, we'll get airsuppliers instead of trees, one day we'll explode, may the cleansing of this world begin, the cleansing of mankind.

you've got my vote.

posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 05:01 PM
Relegious wackos like George bush are just con men that feed of the stupidity of the plublic to get a vote that ideal politician you describing well never exist not int he west not in the USA its all about profit for them not saving the earth people are lazy they wont want to go back to the old lifestyle there ansestors lived.
When you refer to who the saviour are you refering to Jesus?
Dont beleive the bible its full of inacuraces and lyes.

posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 08:41 AM
still, that bible gav me insight into much more then you'll ever now I nowm yeah

posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 09:06 AM
Oh God, send us some history books for the religiously inspired to read.

How much more religion-disguised-as-philosophy that destroys men's abilities to think must we endure? Ignorance is taking over, in the guise of religious uprightness that does not question and does not research.

Oh Lord, send them angels with documents to show them the injustice of the former ages; the squalor and the appalling control and the mind-numbing ignorance that the masses were kept in.

And because they're not paying attention to history, show them the importance of history as a tool to understanding what is going on now. Show them how ignorant their sources are of how power is created and held and kept in the political arena and how dangerous it is to assume based on an unsupported theory.

Oh Divinity, send them a Messenger with a blinding light of clarity that shows them how they blindly follow anyone who plays the 'faith' and 'God' card -- no matter how big a liar and scoundrel they are.

And while you're at it, God, could you actually soften their thick skulls so that they might actually go and READ a few non-religious books on science and learn how science is done?

Hoping for a miracle....


[edit on 11-11-2005 by Indellkoffer]

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 07:07 PM
late, but,

I want to thank you for your reply Indellkoffer.

thank you.


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