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Have you been taken? Implanted?

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 02:10 PM
I spoke with Dr. Roger Leir a few weeks ago, and with a friend of his who had two implants removed. Roger, a humble and plain-spoken doctor (not a self-serving egotist), said implants appear to be made to look "natural," so that any physician will think they could be random growths or impacted foreign matter. He said he finds implants made of metals, not at all like a human body cyst or growth. He says the metals contain isotopes that are unknown, to date, on this planet.

I replied that for aliens to remotely activate an implant it must have certain energy transition levels. To the unaccustomed observer, it may look like a mere iron and other mix of metals, but to a seasoned researcher, the implant will appear to be carefully made. Fifty years ago, humans would have thought that simple silicon with bits of beryllium would be nothing special. Meanwhile, it allows electron "tunneling," in which electrons disappear from one side of a non-conductor, and nearly instantaneously appear on the other side. It allows computers to count and do their work.

Implants are probably designed to do "electrogravity"-activated transitions, to allow data to be picked up by the implant and remotely gathered using electrogravity. What's electrogravity? Tom Bearden says it's when light waves are converged from opposite directions along at least three lines so that the light waves cancel out. The energy "bleeds into" electrogravity, which has deeper, faster-than-light potentials. *The opposite is also true: when electrogravity "waves" are converged and canceled, they bleed back into light waves. It's a basic, fundamental fact of all matter. It's the basis of the new, 21st century's "condensed state physics." (condensed state physics involve denser quantum fluctuations--but are they ever WEIRD--frozen light, lasers, dark states, crystals that appear to pass right through other solids). Condensed state physics are now so weird that they suggest we are beginning to tease out the details of how black holes actually affect or underly the structuring of other matter and space-time.

So, implants made of metal pick up the body's electrical activity AND brain waves, and can relay that data to a simple, electrogravity apparatus connected to a computer. Voila, the aliens have your thoughts on record! The big danger is that they will try to also activate THEIR thoughts (transmitted with electrogravity) into your head, using the implant.

John Mack wrote of abductees who panicked, knowing that they had a kind of dog collar, the implant, inside them that allowed the grays to monitor them. Abductees are conditioned to be obedient and controlled; they are mildly tortured to fear the aliens' further measures--in order to make them more passive.

Numerous abductees talk about cruelly excruciating pain when an implant is inserted behind the eye, or when the skull is punctured, cracking bone, to slide an implant in between the folds of the brain. One of Mack's abductees was so closely monitored and controlled that when he broke his nose in a car accident, he didn't go to the hospital--for FEAR that doctors would find the implant in his nose area.

IMPLANTS CAN BE REMOVED. Contact Roger Leir for referral to a qualified (alien-aware) doctor if you want one removed. Don't let aliens intent on an apocalypse and takeover strategy put a dog collar on you. You aren't the sex criminal; they are!

Aliens of the gray federation have been carefully manipulated to extinguish certain troublesome emotions. They may be smarter, as a result, but seem to want certain old emotions back. They literally say this to abductees. And who engineered those vital awarenesses out of them? The helper-aliens of their "federation" who do the dirty work of the dominant group therein. *They try to say such engineering removes violence, some sexual tendencies, and improves lifespan.

But it also leaves some aliens cold, dry, and emotionally ineffectual.

They don't question authority.

They think that their one little "federation," which is less than a tiny speck on the larger universe, is GOD. It isn't a hive mentality, but is crude, and, compared to more advanced aliens, is just an imitation of a more advanced "community of mind." The "federation," at present, is little more than a window dressing and is used to cover for, and feed the lifestyle of, the federation's bizarrely overgrown dominant population (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Phillip Krapf calls them "the Verdants" from the planet Verdant).

More advanced aliens learned billions of years ago that good, critical sentience (basic critical judgement) is necessary for a universal ecology. They do say, however, that bizarre offenders (like the Verdants--500 trillion in number--in that gray federation) become less immediately dangerous when they are all bunched together. They're easier to control when they stick together; it's easier to influence them, as a single entity.

We're talking about trillions of aliens in just the one "federation," which if violent and agressive, would cause a major conflict. Meanwhile, they extinguish the emotions of their lesser aliens like the grays to make it easier for them to do ghastly things, like abduct human children and use them for a Big Brother sexual reproduction and takeover scheme. They do much worse: some breeding program operatives deliberately manipulate economy and wars here, trying to make us more vulnerable to takeover. They're led to believe that they will retain control of the human economy and get privileged treatment by the aliens. Meanwhile, they are that 18 percent who the federation reportedly says they want to eliminate! (In truth, they would just be removed to be used as another hack surrogate population)

Mack's abductees talk about droning, almost dogmatic abductor propaganda about how humans are stupid animals that are going to kill their planet, then be taken over. Meanwhile, those same aliens don't have the ability to predict or precisely see the future. They lead abductees into little briefing rooms and feed them hack propaganda about how Earth's human society will, or MUST DIE, and then the hybrids will take over the planet. (think mind control, folks)

The implants are used to track and control abductees, to make them easier to manipulate toward that end. The lesser federation aliens don't question the dominant population. They do what they're told. There are career incentives. Abductees are told they will be called upon for a future move to support the takeover.

It's a massively criminal scheme. It plays to the greed and sadistic nature of people like Bush Sr., and his Rothschild/Rockefeller (and Du Pont) accomplices. They keep the whole alien Intervention here secret. This assures that conscientious witnesses are murdered before they present actual phsyical proof. The Intervention proceeds, unchecked.

Meanwhile, we have actual proof: implants, video and witness testimony. The Intervention is accelerating its scheme because we know. They want to get control before we can defend ourselves against the scheme. Knowledge is the best defense, but the Intervention seeks to manipulate that tiny minority of direct operatives who can move in secret, who can sow war and futile greed in order to thwart the human commonality.

Greed and crime did not die among alien societies when they got their hands on electrogravity technology.

Humans aren't the only kind who can do wrong. But we are easy prey, at the moment, as long as our public is fed infantile propaganda. The Intervention's aim seems to be to keep up the drumbeat of self-interest (worry only about your little family or your money) so that they can embody the idea of a more futuristic social order. They don't want us to step too far forward, too fast, and do it on our own.

That would risk their abduction and takeover scheme. As Phillip Krapf writes, the dominant population of the "federation" says they've manipulated the deaths of numerous planets. The deeper in they dig here, the greater the danger to this planet.

If you have an implant, get an x-ray and have it removed. If it can be put in with a solid metal forcep, it can be removed just as easily--only HUMAN DOCTORS will do it under anesthetics, unlike the aliens, so that it doesn't hurt. It isn't major surgery. It isn't very dangerous. You can be free again. Cast off that dog collar.

Don't let the child rapist try to control you, after the fact.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 03:39 PM
May I ask what is your source is on all the trillions of aliens and the other supposed agenda of grays? Have you been to the source of all alien activities?


posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 10:55 PM
Good point: The 500 trillion number is quoted as stated directly by a Verdant in Pulitzer Prize-winning LA Times journalist Phillip Krapf's two books on his direct, face-to-face encounters with Verdants, both here and on their large, disk-shaped craft. Krapf's books are important.

As Daniel Sheehan (former Christic Institute lawyer and also a CSETI advisor) writes about Krapf's second book, "I ask that people regard the revelations in Phillip Krapf's books with the same attention they directed to the Pentagon Papers in 1971. I personally view The Challenge of Contact (book) in the same vein. I say this as one of the attorneys for the New York Times who worked on the Pentagon Papers case."

Researchers regard Krapf well. I've met him and he is earnest and straightforward, not interested in profit from his books (all profits go right back into the publishing effort). In my own life and experiences (experiences ongoing since 1995) I've interacted with, and later contested with, Verdants. Other, competing aliens are sharply critical of Verdants and go out of their way to be explicit about Verdants, also. See my ebook (in progress) on such subjects now being serialized at:

Sorry for not being explicit above.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 11:07 PM
[[[Sorry for not being explicit above]]]

I am well aware of Krapf, he has been a guest on Art Bell many times..
Ins't he the one who says that the aliens provide him with a bathroom and a type of human food on all his explorations?
Some of the things I got empathetically was Urantia book, flashing before my eyes.
Is your connection due to belief in him or in adding a little cash to your life?
Sorry, I am not usually a de-bunker, but he will have to ask to have a guest and take me along to open my psyche.

posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 06:46 AM
But, mine was in a dream state and I was beemed up by two beings that looked like astronauts in suits. I went flying (lying on my back) to what looked like a black hole with lots of stars turning fast around me. Worst part is, I believe it was only a dream. Never got to any ship or anything. I woke up and it was like I could not move a musle in my body. Sorry, but I don't believe in dream abductions. Not yet anyways.


posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 10:59 AM
I have no connection to Krapf, and I make no money in any way from any of this. The presence of a bathroom and food on a large craft would be expected, wouldn't it?

On's "mindframe" discussion board many abductees respond to threads about abductions. Their stories are interesting.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 07:35 PM
gl2, glad to see you posting regularly. All your posts are well written. I read 'em all.

I did read Krapf's books and I posted a couple threads here with very little activity on them. It seems hard to get people to read books, and if they' haven't read those books, they're not really equipped to discuss them. I'd wished for a better discourse on the contents. In the end, the responses I got were "He made it up for money" (which is ludicrous) and comments because of the sexuality. Strange how humans are sex-obsessed and yet when an alien experience includes frank elements of sexuality, people snicker like school girls. His account seemed pretty lucid and believable to me.

However, I am still in the camp that believes alien experiences are the work of government black ops. I can't believe Krapf alone unless his Verdant claims are somehow manifest or unless they take me up to their ship (which I am totally ready for).

There's an ATS member called 'sleeper' who posts regularly and who claims to be an expert and to have been taken on a UFO. I'd like to get him into this thread. You two would probably have some good exchanges.

Anyway, why do you think the Verdants gave up on us? I mean, obviously nothing major has happened yet, so what is the latest? Is their giant ship still on the other side of the moon? I know you said you remote-viewed it. My own RV skills are still too weak to do that.

Anyway, keep the good stuff coming.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 07:39 PM
How did you contact him? I tried emailing him but he never replied. I, myself would like to talk to him about some of my experiences.

You can U2U me if you want.



posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 05:38 PM
I don't think the Verdants have given up. Every day I read blurbs and quotes about the grays (and Verdants) promising to step up their contacts, as though trying to swing human sentiments their way. Krapf said that after 9-11, the Verdants became discouraged about humankind. I find that hypocritical. 9-11 and its attendant crimes were expected by the Verdants (see Daniel Hopsicker's book Welcome to Terrorland, which shows that the hijackers trained in Florida amid big narco links to the CIA---this was because Bin Laden had effective control of Afghanistan, the biggest opium producer, despite the crackdown by the Taliban. Even with the crackdown, billions of $ worth of opium partly funded Al Queda and the Bush CIA/intel role in encouraging, facilitating and covering for narco traffick is underscored in Bush family attempts to cover up the hijacker's doings in Venice FL, where they trained.)

So, 9-11 was actually what the Verdant regime wanted: another bloodbath, fundamental religious conflict that thwarts humankind's peaceful integration. That makes it easier for their breeding program to proceed through elite operatives, unacknowledged by any human government. Verdants either see 9-11 as good for their strategy of tensions, or they see it as ruining the current regime's chances for disclosure, due to the security nightmare---leaving the abduction and breeding program (the biggest news in recent human history) to remain secret or only discussed in forums that the current regime pooh poohs as fringe, petty. I don't know whether you know it or not, but I am an experiencer (see my free book called Alien Mind - a Primer. In various contacts over the last two years, competing aliens (more advanced than the Verdants) explicitly, specifically and graphically stated that the Verdants tried to remotely steer Bin Laden's hijackers to do the 9-11 attack. After hearing this, I, along with others in the rather large human telepathic community who "heard" it, was shocked. Numerous follow-up checks yielded abundant evidence that the allegation is true. Indeed, Verdants who monitored our efforts to check on it (given its extremely volatile nature) did nothing, made no slightest effort to deny the fact. More advanced aliens staged various moments in which Verdants tacitly admitted having done so--by responding in the affirmative impulse in order to defend themselves. It was big news, but like so much that happens in such a vein, it was only seen publicly in my writings. I can assure you that various security types in human government have picked up on it and the item probably appears in certain briefings and discussions. I make certain that others directly witness such evidence, first person--primary evidence. In cases of such importance, my word, like that of any other person, isn't good enough. The case is known, with good evidence.

The Verdant regime is extravagantly wasteful and distorted in its property relations. Verdants take 12-13 planets for themselves, they breed some 12-13 billion of their own for every few billion of the other populations in their IFSP alignment. In other words, they say one thing but constantly try to outbreed all the other populations in their own small corner of the universe in order to tilt any "democratic" tendencies in their favor. I'm not alleging that the Verdants are evil or all bad. Like any government that has a manipulative foreign policy, they have ways of trying to justify their actions.

Planet Earth is not vital, not necessary for them. In other words, even if their intervention killed our planet, it wouldn't affect their larger daily doings much (but would ruin the lives and chances of all implicated Verdants, over time). In short, the situation will get uglier, worse, before it gets better. We only have two choices: either expose the crimes of the current (IFSP compromised) regime, or wait for ecological disasters that compel humankind to reorder global government sustainably. We either work together and expose the worst offenders among us, or we rot---forever losing a decent ecology.

Exposure is quick but slightly painful. Slow rot could breed a nightmare kind of regime here, rather than a good one--at least over the next 500 years.

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 06:47 AM
I have a chip implanted at the back of my skull. It is approx five mm in diameter, and is worth more than a brilliant cut diamond. Looks good in a ring. Anyone wants to have it? It is for free!!

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 10:59 AM

Any and all such craft and locations are deeply interwoven into an electrogravity communications and power network. This is
necessary in order to effect psychotronic (mind-controlled) communications and technology, and is necessary to do travel.

approximately one month ago i was privilaged to a focal presentation of information through the use of psychotronic technology. they regarded hundreds upon hundreds of streaming documents, pertaining to the enviromental sciences and technologies on humanities cutting edge of advancements, superstructures, and water. presented through 3 rotating microprobes, with what im guessing is a electrogavitational physchotronic mind link...

One word of caution: remote viewers don't place themselves directly into the path of unusually high energy focii.

the dark side of the moon is also a very highly sensitive site for intergallactic transmissions of these foci. their undergound bases project large amounts of beams that tackle any remotely inclined investigations.

the greys...


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