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Even Libby Dole is Crooked... Jaysus

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 09:34 AM
Give it back carpetbagger.

FEC to Dole: Pay Back Illegal Contributions; Dole: NO!

From the subscription only BNA (an accounting newsletter):

FEC Audit Says Dole Committee Should Repay Over $80,000 in Embezzled Funds

A campaign committee associated with Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.) must repay $81,320 in corporate contributions received in the 2002 campaign, the Federal Election Commission said in an audit released Nov. 1.

But the campaign committee, known as the Dole North Carolina Victory Committee, denied that it should have to make any repayments. Officials for the Dole committee argued that the problems uncovered by the FEC were caused by a rogue campaign staffer who embezzled money and wound up being sentenced to jail [...]

Findings of the FEC audit maintained, however, that the committee itself also bore responsibility because of lax oversight. The audit said the committee accepted improper contributions from corporations and held onto checks long after they should have been deposited, leading to reporting problems.

FEC auditors said they were told by Dole campaign officials that they relied on Haywood's reputation to ensure that he was properly handling committee finances and said there was nothing in FEC regulations that required the committee "to maintain any specific level of internal controls." The committee also argued that it was "being treated unfairly, given that it was a victim of a crime," according to the audit report.

In response, FEC auditors said the committee "chose to rely on one person's reputation and honesty rather than establishing a system where duties were segregated to provide checks and balances. That reliance allowed the embezzlement to occur and inaccurate disclosure reports to be filed."

The FEC audit is here.

Why even have laws when Republicans run everything?

Tom Noe is now in jail for stealing Ohio and the 04 election for the RNC, where's the RNC? In power. Libby's "rogue campaign staffer" is in jail for embezzlement, where's Dole? The Senate (We think. Nobody in NC knows for sure.) Cheney's "rogue" Senior Advisor is under indictment. Where's his boss? Republicans have more fall guys than the stuntman's association.

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