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Misc Questions' Judaism on Jesus, Sun/Son/Orion? Sign in the Sky?

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posted on Oct, 31 2005 @ 01:03 AM
few questions:

I have been researching religions just trying to get solid ground and I have came across son/sun of god? Now people belive Jesus was here and all that but the Jews don't belive Jesus has come yet? Reffering to judaism.

So why do the Jewish people belive that Jesus has not yet come? But will?

Also there is some sort of relation to son/sun ok before Jesus Aztecs of Mexico,Egyptians of Egypt etc worshipped the sun. Now when people worship son of god versus sun of god, which is literal?

Furthermore is Orion the same as Jesus? Orion is son of man correct? Two names ,same thing? I was reading an Orion legend and made it sound like it.

I have read in what, rapture or something that the 2nd coming of Christ will be seen in the sky right prior to his arrival? Well if God destroyed the first earth with water and this time will be fire would Jesus be the destroyer and be an actual object like an asteroid or whatever? Or the sign of Christ be an Asteroid or the like. See what I am getting at?

Anyway I find in my research that November is coming up way to much. Something starting on November this year and something ending or completing in 2010.

Anyone ever see that Merlyn program? They run satistical data to predict ballparks outcomes on many things. For what I have read the US government uses them particularly The Pentagon. Anyway I listened to the audio and they have run across these dates as well. Nov 20005 and something toward or after 2010 I fogot the numbers they had but if you do a search you will hear the dates they call. Remember satistical data can not be exact on dates. Anyway anyone care to comment? Million views and no replies....

Also I am looging for a ref. that may not be related to the above. I don't know if it was bible text old or new etc. Anyway it was talking about prophets and how they got killed in russia or the name of russia at the time of christ? I belive this would be in the new testament. Anyone know what I am talking about?

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