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Simulated past = high probability, you don't actually exist??

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by mOjOm

Nice. Of course, taking the assumption that the simulated universe theory is in fact a fact, then as other posters have pointed out, what is the point of our existence? Most of us live our lives believing in a higher power and that we are contributing to the betterment of the human race, but that might all be a load of baloney.

What if some smart scientist cookie wakes up one day and discovers "yeah guys, we kinda maybe goofed. Seems we're just a really fancy version of the Sims. That chick you feel in love with? Yeah, we're a bit embarrassed to admit this, but turns out that was just some 15yo girl that clicked 'flirt with hot momma' for fits & shiggles."

I would assume society would crumble in an instant, but we would probably never know, because the player could just restore a saved game or hit the reset button.

Alternatively we could be a scientific experiment, which then begs the question what kind of scientist would want to see what happens when someone is tortured, when peoples worlds are destroyed, loved ones murdered etc?

Finally, assuming the theory is real, then what happens when we can prove without a doubt this is the case? How do we/can we break out of our programming? If we did, what would that mean? We take over the computer like an AI driven worm/virus? Hijack the users address book so we can travel to other 'worlds'? Randomly do the exact opposite to what the player requested, just to screw with their head? So many questions & posibilities. D

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 10:14 AM
I saw a documentary like this one also.

It makes sense because I think the universe is a quantum computer and theories from M.I.T. Professor Seth Lloyd and Edgar Mitchell make sense to me.

Lloyd says the universe is a quantum computer and Mitchell talks about the quantum hologram.

Here's a Wired interview with Lloyd:

WIRED: I hear you're a quantum computer repair guy.
LLOYD: Yes, I am a quantum mechanic! Those darn quantum computers break all the time.

You've jumped from working on quantum computers to saying, oh, by the way, the universe is a gigantic quantum computer.

When you zap things with light to build quantum computers, you're hacking existing systems. You're hijacking the computation that's already happening in the universe, just like a hacker takes over someone else's computer.

What is the universe computing when we are not hijacking it for our own purposes?

It computes itself. It computes the flow of orange juice as you drink it, or the position of each atom in your cells.

Um, how many times have you seen The Matrix?

Sadly, only once. In The Matrix, what you see is fake - a simulation of bits - which is only a facade of what is real beneath it. But our universe is a simulation so exact that it is indistinguishable from the real thing. Our universe is one big honking quantum �mech�anical computer.

Here's a lecture by Edgar Mitchell on the Quantum hologram:

They also have test that show macroscopic objects can operate using quantum effects.

They were trying to establish exactly how organic photosynthesis approaches 95% efficiency, whereas the most sophisticated human solar cells operate at only half that. What they discovered is nothing short of remarkable. Using femtosecond lasers to follow the movement of light energy through a photosynthetic bacterial cell, Engel et al. observed the energy traveling along every possible direction at the same time. Instead of following a single trajectory like the electrons on a silicon chip, the energy in photosynthesis explores all of its options and collapses the quantum process only after the fact, retroactively “deciding” upon the most efficient pathway.

So the universe could be a quantum computer and even ancestor simulations on a quantum computer could be real.

Say Donald Trump from the future wanted an ancestor simulation of the past where he was a real estate mogul. We could all be in an ancestor simulation from a future Donald Trump who owns a quantum computer.

I think the simulated beings will discover quantum computers and create more simulated realities.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by ShadowXIX

this was wat i was thinking of while reading this topic.

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