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On high, Symbiotic Possession, Warwick

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posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 05:57 PM
Hey, what I'm about to share with anyone who will listen is basically the conspiracy.

People can go on about any other conspiracies or cover ups that they want to that's discussed on this website or forum , but this is it. All right I'm really not the type to find much interest in certain types of discussion that take place here (or in other places similar) , specifically those that involve extraterrestrial life.

However that is a fundamental aspect to this entire story. What I'm going to give everyone right now is basic rundown of what's happened since 1958 'cause that's when it began (and please don't mention New Mexico at this point that's something else that I'll probably discuss with those who want to at some point).

In 1958 something landed with a thump at Nellis Airforce Base. No one really knows why. It may have been a mistake. It may have been a HUGE setup, but no one really knows.

Certainly not the United States government. although all most immediately it installed the technology it acquired from this incident. albeit while those in the immediate vicinity were under an influence, that went undetected at the time. The plans for installation only took a few years and actually were started in 1968 with an update or reboot in '74. Later in the mid to late '80's there was a complete overhall to the system that was supposed to give the U.S. Government control over the situation, but didn't come close.

During the entire fiasco, at least from '68, a man named Avery White something(haven't been able to get his surname yet) was pretty much in charge. He was insane and disposable (probably because of the 'Tech). In order for him to do his job he had to have a portion, a small section of his brain tissue removed, and replaced with cranial implant made from the technology that was acquired in '58.

Sounds like something from a B movie doesn't it ? It's not. the surgery was required so that "The Colonel" (as he liked to call himself) and others could communicate with the acquired technology. It didn't know English. How the military knew what to surgically install is beyond me. It was probably because the technology was designed to be versatile, and in the end simplistic really.

The distributors of the technology had to make sure that whoever got their hands on it could use it (or that the tech could use them) That's why I know what I know. More about that later. one of the things the Government learned was the term "Symbiotic Possession". An erroneous term actually. Maybe a mistranslation.

Well not really. It was basically what those who were involved in the project could translate or understand. It's central to this entire story, but again that's for later. the project was/still is located along the Western Sierra Nevada mountain side. The third peak, Warwick. It was in operation from at least '68 until around '85.
At that point there was a series of incidents that eventually led to a full scale evacuation. At one point a group of lab rats died supposedly due to radiation poising (and radiation was detected but was harmless) it was really because a part of the technology influenced the rats into not ingesting food.

Along the way Government personal who worked at the base were influenced here and there in irrational ways. The details of which I'm not too certain of. These incidents probably ranged anywhere from personal disputes to security breaches. The final straw was when there was a reactor meltdown scare. After that the government said enough is enough and shut that place down. That's probably what the technology wanted. To be left alone. It was supossed to have childlike intellect, but that may have been because thats how it was percieved.

It was designed to be versatile. In this specific case the technology I'm refering to was / is a type of A.I. - sort of. It's alot more complicated than that but this explanation will have to do for now. Another aspect to this technology which I haven't even mentioned yet are "Places of Residency". these "Chips in the Sky" as I like to call them (of which there are too types: Weak and Strong) are installed with, well what are called Angelic Beings.

They're only supposed to be in certain geographical locatoins at certain address's. This brings to subject the real heart(s) of the matter. Pscho-Spirit control. Now thats a term I was fed. It's wasn't my original explanation. In the end I think it's the correct term, because that's what it's really about. Psychological and Spirtual manipulation and control. Truthfully anyone who reads and understands this posting should be enraged, and I mean that.

I guess thats why I'm starting this. People need to know and I welcome any contributions to this thread. If any one who reads this has ever heard of "On High" or "Symbiotic Possession" please speak up. At this point in time there probably less than a dozen people(mostly within the Pentagon) that know or rember the full or even partial story.

Everything these days is on a need to know basis as everyone already knows. Some personel within Dugway proving Grounds Second and Third levels know of Warwick. Personaly I call Dugway "On High 2", but everyone knows theres alot more to that base than that. The primary reason theres a sense of urgency to this portion of this post is because around me the system - "Astral Planar Field" as the military termed it has freaked out.

In fact just by reading this post corrupted data could potentialy be fed to someone. But that won't happen. And I don't mean via computer.

I gotta leave this at that for now and take care of something, but I'll back.

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 10:04 PM
I don't understand why it's our problem that the APF has freaked out. Anyway, what are they freaked out about?

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 11:49 PM
Got any proof of this?

posted on Apr, 21 2007 @ 01:20 AM
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posted on Oct, 8 2007 @ 03:13 PM
I am utterly confused. Can someone please explain a little more clearly what this post is about?

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 03:32 AM
just out of curiosity, where are you getting your information from? you know, citations, links, references etc. it's as though the info has been materialised from nowhere. oh and yeh, what's it about? it seems very random, cryptic and, well. On the dozen or so people who know about it, are you one of them? i think this post needs tlc from the owner. maybe a start and an ending would help? Contextualise the theory/conspiracy at the start, explain its origins. and round up with why it is so significant to people. Good Luck!

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