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The Purpose of the Drugging of America

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posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by Relentless
Yes, apparently they want us to be "happy", and yet they are also doing everything they can to keep people in pain.

Yes, I think there's even a tug-of-(drug)-war going on inside the government. They have to make a show of caring about the people by controlling access to some drugs, while slipping them happy pills and others under the table. It's all about control.

I think the gov't is far more interested in getting the populace addicted to anti-depressants than pain drugs. The ADs work on the area of the person they want to control.

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 12:39 PM
All this boils down to is one simple process. As far as ADD and ADHD is concerned, with children it s because the budgets for Phys ED, Music, Arts, and after school problems are ALL being cut. Kids have absolutely no outlet of creative energies, or healthy mediums to release their energy into. They have to sit still in class rooms for at least 6 hours a day, with the occasional break being when they get up to go to the bathroom or to change their classes. How many signs do you see posted where, no biking, no skateboarding, no running, no ball playing are all posted.. I was ADD when I was a kid, except in the late 70's early 80's, I was put into activities like ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics. I went ice skating, and roller skating. Kids dont have that anymore.

If anyone knows children, they know they bounce off the walls, its called energy, it has to be expended somehow. And when there isn't anything healthy to expend it into(especially when they consume foods that are loaded with preservatives and sugar) Theyre going to be crazed. See what happens when you crate a puppy and then let them out, Youre basically run over in the process.

Another thing is that people have smaller and smaller yards to let their kids play around in, and the city living is really too much to let your kid just run outside and play. It isn't safe to do that anymore, so therefore, kids need to be supervised CONSTANTLY.

Which brings us to this point. Parents who have 2 that work and support a household is rare nowadays(And completely forget about the whole one parent staying home and the other working). Most kids are lucky to live with one parent, and that parent has to work at least 50 hours a week just to make ends meet so they can support housing and food costs. We don'tWORK TO LIVE anymore it has become a society where we LIVE TO WORK How many times do you see a mom who has just come back from maternity leave, coming back within 6 weeks of giving birth. How does this leave room for family activities?Or even fresh air?

How does that allow ample time for the woman to recover from her body going through a very hard thing, only to jump right back into the work force, and run herself ragged, its no wonder why people are always sick, they never get a chance to recover. All too many times you hear, "I can't afford to take a day off" SO then we look for the magic pill. We don't have time to be sick, or actually seek counselling, or even just hang out with our family and friends, where we can vent. We are over stressed and forced to breath manufactured environmental air. Being we are stressed, everyone knows stress is a huge illness contributor. We have to have everything on the go, and no time to live life, If we do, our bills fall behind and we wind up up to our armpits in debt.

Another point is this, did you notice that friends and most of the other shows on tv are extended to 45 minutes? Its because they now force us to watch at LEAST 15 minutes of commercials during a half hour show, it's no wonder we have a problem with ADD, between the multitasking and the commercials, we have very ittle time to actually study something. Our brains are now forced to comprehend things in 30 second increments.

Hey maybe we should sue the advertising companies for making us ADD and ADHD, and yes the prescription requests, by the nudging of Big Pharma is just plain wrong as well. No I won't ask my Doc about zovirax. Half of these things actually have cures, if you do research you can find it.

PS You may want to follow the link I've provided to read the article on How mental health testing, and medicating in our children is mandated Nothing like creating more zombies, and using kids as guinea pigsClick here.

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posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 06:35 AM

So, my conspiracy theory is that the US government is supporting the drugging of America to form a more pliable and controllable society.

When I read this, the movies Equilibrium or THX 1138 comes to mind. Of course US government wants more controlable society. Every government on the world wants that.

You know, a healthy person is a very productive member of society. I don't mean only as job productive but really productive. That's great but there's a problem. A healthy person is also a very freeminded and freethinking person. Now, we don't want too many of those running around this world making It a better place, do we now?

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 01:14 PM
Great post everyone, I too feel that western world is being drugged to the gills. Anyone ever read Brave New World? I also think ADD, ADHD is being diagnosed as an easy way to control our kids, but on the other hand there are more children who do have ADD and ADHD, just because the population is still growing. My G.F. teaches in a school that has only ADD and ADHD(among other learning differences) kids and I have met many of them and I will tell you there is a big difference between them and the "borderline" cases. And Marge don't be too hard on yourself, you did the best you could with the info you had.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 03:48 PM
Well, the last thing I want is a bunch of angry parents on my back but I'm not so sure about all the ADD and ADHD stuff. Granted, I haven't done a lot of research, but I observe. I observe like a hawk... and here's what I see...

Two-year-olds throwing screaming, slashing, snarling, snotty fits in the grocery store. Yelling at their mothers, "I HATE YOU"!!! Jumping, running, screaming down the aisles.

And the mother screams, "Jason! YOU get back here right now!... Jason! Come here... I said right now! Jason!... Mary, go get your brother."

"Moooommmm"!, cries Mary. "I don't want to get him. I hate him!"

That's just one example of many! I'm sorry, but if I had acted like that ONCE in private or public, my dad would have killed me. Literally. I would be dead now.

I don't know when it happened, but sometime over the past 25 years or so, people lost all clues about raising children. This behavior doesn't start in a vacuum. It starts when they're very, very young. And for some reason parents stopped doing something about it. They stopped setting boundaries to let their kids know what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. So the problem gets bigger and bigger until, when the child is only two years he's already entirely out of control. By the time he's 6, yeah, he's ADD or ADHD whatever. He's a wild child.

When I see a well-behaved child in public, I can always tell the parents watch him. They pay attention. When the child says, "Mom"? the mom says, "Yes"? or, "Just a moment. Let me finish this story and then I'll talk with you, ok"?

As opposed to "Mom? ... Moooom? Mommy! MOM!... Mother! ... MOM!!!


By then, the child forgets what he wanted.

So, while I'm sure there are valid cases of attention disorders, I tend to think that there's something very different about the way people are handling their children in the first 2 formative years of their lives than they did some 20-30 years ago.

I know a lot has changed, both parents have to work and so on, but there's something about the relationship between the parents and child, something fundamental, that has changed. I see it. I see kids acting like animals and the parents struggle with them, argue with them, bargain with them, or just let them go for lack of a better alternative. Something's very wrong with this picture...

And I am NOT a parent, I don't have the experience of being one, but I used to be a child.
And I know that if I acted the way I see kids acting today, I wouldn't be here typing this... And I'm grateful to my parents for setting boundaries while I was young and needed the guidance.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 07:18 PM
Might I suggest that it is an entire social restructuring that is occuring.
I was born in the seventies. My parents had no qualms stopping and spanking me in public if I was misbehaving. Now I am a parent. My child is too young to throw tantrums, but when he does, I'm not sure what I will do. If I spank him, I fear I may lose him. I don't think it hurts the child to be spanked, but "violence" is a perfectly acceptable reason for the state to take your child from your custody.

Charlie looked out through the window, down to the courtyard, where leaves spun in the wind. All of the units faced the courtyard. There was a fountain that had been filled in with dirt, and a child was digging in it.
What is he doing out there? Charlie thought, His parents must not've told him the air isn't safe today. Just then the door to unit 105 opened. A stout woman with long black hair in braids, (Charlie and his roommate called her "the Indian") charged at the child and grabbed his ear.
She yanked him back into unit 105 and slammed the door. Charlie thought for a moment about calling the police. He was witness to an offense punishable by at least 6 months in jail. If he didn't report the crime he could be tried for aiding and abbetting, also 6 months. He turned around to see his roommate standing just behind him, arms crossed. "Well?" she said "aren't you going to do something about that?!" Charlie walked past her, into the kitchen. "Nah, you do something, if you're so concerned." He opened the cupboard above the microwave and took out a small cylindrical bottle. Thank the gods for Anprozol....

Sorry, I know this isn't the collaborative fiction section, but I was inspired!

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 08:28 PM

Originally posted by informatu
Might I suggest that it is an entire social restructuring that is occuring.

Yes, I agree. It's much bigger than punishment. What I'm talking about also has to do with discipline and consistency. People just don't seem to have the time. I wouldn't hit my kids either, but I'd leave a restaurant at the first sign of misbehavior.

But I know some do take the time. It's so obvious. I stopped a man in the store the other day to tell him his kid was so well-behaved.

Charlie looked out through the window,

That was good! You write, eh? Good job.

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 06:09 AM
it all comes down to taking the responsibility away from the parent, When i was groing up yes i would get disciplined.
I am 33 now and it never did me any harm as a free thinking individual but the constant interferance from the government about not hitting your child when he/she does wrong just about sums it up.
disciplining your child for doing wrong is not child abuse.
parents really need their responsibility back.

sorry an old thread, i really should look at the dates more often.

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