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Child labor laws are idiotic

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posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 11:18 AM
What's that saying--idle hands make mischief?

That pretty much sums it up.

If your child is too young to work, maybe Dad could show little Junior how to work with tools (I actually played with/used tools from the age of 7 and never hurt myself) or Mom could show her daughter how to crochet or something.

Part of parenting, IMO, is raising responsible kids instead of street thugs with nothing to do but cause trouble.

posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 03:54 PM
Parents need to be held responsible for the actions of their offspring, as well as those minors in their charge. If you see a decline in young peoples morality and dicipline, look at the parent.
(The Buck Stops There!!!)

When you bring children into this world you have a responsibility to raise that child beyond your abilities.
You need to advance the species by molding a child that will grow into a strong individual that is educated enough to make reasonable choices that will improve their own lives, and contribute to society.

When It Comes To Education......
It's all too easy to discard problem students out of the system, but many of those non-comformists are the brightest and best but have been suppressed by other students so severely that they can no longer expess their ideas due to insecurities. Or they've been bored to death by the slow pace of the classes they have to take and as a result, exibit behaviours that disrupt the class.
Let's face it, the nerds are pulling in the good marks and the smart asses and bullies are average at best.
The sad part is, many of these great intellects withdraw into private worlds of seclusion because of the teasing and never reach the full potential of their creative processes just because they have been so suppressed by other student for being different.

School is a very huge problem for some of the brightest student for the simple fact that other student mercilessly tease students that are different from the norm. Any difference is cause for berating whether it be to intellect, mannerism, dress, cultural background, economic situation, and many other differences concocted in the minds of school yard children. (and "pack mentality" runs rampant in an elementary school, and worsens in the older grades)

The nation's of the world would do well just by removing the bully factor from schools and making them a safe place for all students to acheive their fullest potential, studying without fear of childish displays of testosterone charged youths that are just out to reinforce their own insecure masculinity by dominating students that feel less secure and unable to formulate a defence agains this sort of adversary.

So the young student that is of the most value to society gets suppressed to the point of being insecure and afraid, and gets instilled with a feeling of worthless.
And yet, the bully has won another confrontation, and thus reinforced his belief that to degrade or control others has made him feel stronger and more secure in his masculinity.

I know that this thread started out concerning child labour law, but I think this is a significant factor in the choices that our young people make. And I think we need to come up with a system that allows students to get an education without putting up with the assinine crap that gets dished out at most of our schools by a small percentage of bullies.

This alone would would greatly increase the number of students that go on to higher education. And those that can't pull down the marks for continuing education can be routed to trades that suit their abillities or the economic needs in the areas that they reside.

Young people need to be able to learn in an environment that is condusive to learning and not a place of fear.

and yes, "The meek shall inherit the Earth"... But only if the strong kill each other off......

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