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Michigan Property Owner Defies GovGoons

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posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 10:54 PM
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 9:02 PM
Subject: [conspiracy-net] Michigan Property Owner Defies GovGoons--Armed St=
andoff Looming

spiker wrote:

From: "normolson"


Advisor =

to Michigan Militia, 231-548-5878, Lyle Barkley 231-582-0039 (home) 231-582-0039 (work) Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist Phone: =

303-329-0481 E-mail: website:

Land Owner: "I've had enough. I'm going to fight!"

Charlevoix County Businessman Bulldozing Revetments For Coming Armed Standoff.

Alanson, MI (Sep 11) - Charlevoix County citizen, Lyle Barkley, has been ordered to remove two manufactured homes from a 4-acre parcel in Bay Township by September 18. Barkley says he will not comply with the illegal and unconstitutional order of the court but will defend his property with arms if necessary. Barkley, 55, owns B&B Excavating in Boyne City. He is presently bulldozing fortifications around his property in preparation for the standoff he promises will come if officials attempt to remove the homes from his land.

His cause has drawn the attention of Rick Stanley, leader of an organization called Mutual Defense Pact 2d American Revolution Militia who offers to send more than 600 armed defenders to Barkley's aid once the standoff has begun. (see Stanley's website: for information on mutual defense).

Barkley contacted Norm Olson, Senior Advisor to the Michigan Militia for help up until Stanley's organization arrives. Olson has urged citizens throughout Michigan to become aware of what is taking place and to speak out in an attempt to forestall or stop armed conflict. "Lyle Barkley is unlikely to run. He's preparing to defend. I admire his spirit," Olson said in a news release today, but added, "This situation stinks of crooked politics, corruption, and favors. Barkley was given permission. He acted accorded to the permits, and then, when his homes were on the property, the permits were withdrawn and the homes 'red-tagged.' Something about this isn't right." Background: Lyle Barkley received authorization to place two 12x60 manufactured homes (mobile homes) on 4 acres in Bay Township. Permits were granted by the County. Once on the property, Barley began a building project to join the two homes via an enclosed walkway. It was then that former township supervisor, "Bud" Chipman filed a complaint to stop further construction and have the homes removed. (Chipman was recalled from his position. Reason unknown).

County Court Judge May found in favor of Chipman's complaint and issued an order to Barkley to remove the homes by September 18th.

Barkley's decision: To bulldoze revetments and redoubts for defenders.


Newspaper stories will follow. Deadline Sept 18.

The other part of this story concerns Lyle's daughter, a single mother of three who refuses to leave the property. She told me today, "This is the only home I know. My father is staying and I'm staying. Someone has to stand up against these gangsters.

Norm Olson


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