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Phantom Dust

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 04:20 PM
Background of the story- Phantom dust takes place on earth in the year 2121 a major war between two warring country's, Russia and U.S.A. two missiles were launched from both country's. Their main purpose was to release a special kind of 'dust' that would make their enemy's forget everything (basically memory wiping them). Both missiles collided with each other releasing the 'dust' and spreading it around the whole planet. It eveloped the whole world in curiousity, destroying homes, cities, and even the people. Only one person was safe, his name is edgar, he is a astronaut, he comes to earth finding by bending the dust by his own free will he could do magical things with it. The more he used it the more his memory had gone, soon he shaped people, and towns and even cities. Though he only made two people.... his 'first' creations..... they are of his wife Freia and his best friend Ice. Freia will stick with him but ice turns on both of them.

lost & forgotten

Sizzling air, the scent of smoldering flesh, the battle field was so burned, so broken, just like me.
a ball of fire races at my chest just as the thousands of times befor, i wish it would turn me back to the dust that i know is my future, to be one with the mist that surounds this dead world i call my home. The dazzling light of little indescribable fairys dances around me and the fire vanishes now it is time to do the same to its creater.

My name is...

Well i'll just tell you what i do know...
The world is torn, dust covers the whole earth and the dust takes from us that which matters most, that which you can charish even in the darkest, lonleyest corners of this of this nothingness, our memories. The dust takes so much... i've lost so much but i've been given a gift, i can use the dust, mold it, i can make the dust into anything i wish but do to my damaged mind i can only use skills i've seen or create objects that i see around me i cannot retain any specifics of what i do but perhaps god took pitty on my scorched skin, maybe his mercy made it through the dust to bless those who still beleave that this world can be reborn and i, i would gladly sholder that burden if only i knew how.


Im recording what memories i can on to this "Memorie Box" to be saved for posterity.

I've been walking for days there's nothing but broken and torn buildings, split and bent at angels that gravity shoudn't alow' let alone reality, statues transformed into twisted monstrositys, wreaked vehicals that seem to be from both the past and future. This place makes no sence it seems to have fallen into the rabbit hole and never made it back to the real world. "whats real how should i know i just know that its not right". speaking of wonderland i think i met the red queen today, i know its just my imagination, it was nothing but a another torcherd spirt wantering this sandy graveyard "she?" "he? it" attacked me, attacked ME it only took one "Fire Bullet" and it returned to the dust... "wait wonderland what" i remembered something! damn my mind contorts more with each thought, i think maybe theres a reason i cant remember the past maybe there's somthing terrible that happend to me back then but if my memories are only to cause me pain why can i remember..."forgotten"... the one i never should have forgotten...her...
I've been staying in an abandoned mall, a mall? i dont why a mall of all things could have survived whatever happend to this planet. every few days the living dead wander into the area, but i learned that i dont even need to waste my time with them i simply sit atop the tree that has grown rampant in the center of the atrium using a skill i learned recently called levitation. 30 feet up with every use nobody can catch me. from this vantage point i've learned all kinds of intresting moves and interesting things like if the creatures wander anywhere near this area, people or somethings called the "visions" send out scouts to take care of them, i only know what i can hear from my perch, but there is somthing far more interesting that i have learned. each time there is a fight in this place the area is near completely distroyed and when i wake in the morning everything is back the way it was, just like the first day i arived. theres somthing going on i dont know what causes it, maybe who? but i really dont think god would care that much about the 3rd street mall!

a blade like the hand of god its self, vacume slash and im not even tired after swipe down my enemy but i can never seem to remember how to use it again untill after the battle, this dust is muking around in my head. Hey, i even managed to use It again, twice in a row, i get so tired after each use but nobody can run from this attack, it makes me feel like im in control i heard it was called "Octolaser", but it's called damn cool by me it's the only thing that brings a smile to my face these days, but so tired, so very...

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 04:22 PM
feel free to continue this story as you please but keep theme of this that's all i ask thank you

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 07:56 PM
...I'm so tired, my feet, i can barely lift my self from my grave, is this.... is this where i shall die?.... here in a mound of rubble?.... No.... "why" i ask myself "why should i carry on..... i've been on this trek.... for....for...i don't know.... it's been so long....i..... i can't remember anything, this dust.... ir takes things from people.... things that should be cherished and not forgotten..... tired.... i'm so very tired" i look around, the torn battlefield.

"jj...just like me.... i..." i hear a noise, but was it really a noise.... or was it my mind, playing tricks on me.... like it always did, i don't know. Alas, i am again without my memories, but... but there is only three things i remember, something called the ruins..... a...a....a girl and, a man.... they are so familiar, i just "AHHHH" i yell out after being hit my a sudden pain in my right shoulder.

Reaching over with my left hand it stings oh so very much, i pull my hand away from the agonizing pain, i look down on my hand i see liquid.... red liquid, 'what is this?' i ask my self looking down then feeling even more pain in my right shoulder. What... what was that spell that person used.... he made the pain go away.... what was it, think.... think.... think 'h...healing water' suddenly i feel no more of this overwhelming pain sighing quickly in reliefe.

I face my battle harden opponent with a fierce look in my eyes i pre pare to use my new ability 'levitate' "when it makes it's move" i said to my self as i watch it charge it's attack "as soon as it's..." not being able to finish my sentence he shoots, a quick little jump was all that was necessary. As i jumped onto the pillar above the small floating creature i notice a friend of his, knowing i would be safe up here, i start to..... i start to....fall.... aslee....

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