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social entropy?

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posted on Sep, 12 2003 @ 04:20 PM
i need some help guys.

okay im doing some loose research on "social entropy". i am not even sure that that would be an appropriate term for what i am dealing with or if that term is used at all.

heres my deal...

okay what im defining as social entropy is..

things, relationships, ideas, thoughts, friends, families, institutions (church, white house, etc.) etc. etc. have a tendency to fail us... they have a tendency to degrade or decay over time. we march into say a relationship with high expectancy with a lot of energy etc. etc. then after some time it usually decays... we no longer give that same if not all the energy we use to to it. why? i have a very loose and pretty simplistic way of describing/understanding it. i define it as again "social entropy". if this is not correct please let me know.. or if you have any thoughts against it or for it please elucidate your observations/ideas.
we all know of the typical understanding of entropy that deals with mechanical, material closed systems.... second law of thermo dynmics etc. the engine is not perpetual it will go back to the state it was before... back ot equilibrium. it journeys autmatically from its birth through a state of decay till it cant do what its suppose to do anymore. im using this concept in society. from order to disorder etc.

now the help i need in this observation (which i assume is not entirely original, i know others have talked about it but not much in detail) is to give me some suggestions, advice whatever. i want to be near flawless in my assesment. im doing this for my masters research so its not like its just for pleasure.
anything really would be of assistance to me. if you dont agree please state why you dont agree don't beat me over the head for my opinion or observation. thanks.


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