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Jupiter 6 Mysteriously Vanishes With Crew While Towing Ship

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posted on Jun, 30 2019 @ 07:56 AM
A new video has been recorded of a giant squid.

Haunting Video Is The First Footage Ever Recorded of a Giant Squid in US Waters

But it was difficult not to get excited about what they saw in the video. It sure looked like a giant squid, but the storm made it difficult to reach an expert on shore who could properly identify the creature.

Then, because things weren't dramatic enough, the ship was struck by lightning.

Widder heard a loud boom and ran outside to see a plume of yellow and brown smoke. Debris was strewn about the deck. She and her colleagues immediately feared for the computers carrying the precious footage.

"We rushed into the lab to make sure that the most amazing video that we've all ever seen was still okay, which it was," Widder recalled.

A couple of hours later, she said, their captain informed them that a water spout, a weather formation akin to a tornado, was forming nearby.

Unfortunately, I could not watch the video as it's apparently not available in my country...

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