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OP/ED: AIDS In Africa Today

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posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 12:08 AM
In the late 1980's as the AIDS epidemic become public knowledge there were whispers from many quarters that AIDS was a man made disease, created and utilized for the population control of Africa and Asia. There was talk that as early as the 1960's the World Health Organization discussed creating a supervirus that attacked the immune system which could be used to control poulations in third world countries.

"In my estimation, AIDS is a covert operation run amok that is bigger than any secret operation in US history".

Colonel Jack Kingston
retired Joint Chiefs of Staff
The Pentagon

Much talk revolved around the New World Order and AIDS in the early 1990's. The method of transmission and the way the virus worked ensured that the people most suseptable to the illness were the outcasts of society, homosexuals, drug users and the sexually immoral.

The virus cropped up in three regions at the beginning, The US gay community, Africa and Haiti. So far the reasons why the disease cropped up in these places first has never successfully been answered.

Over the years many theories have been put on the debating plate about the origins of the disease but no concrete evidence has ever been produced.

So the issue died a quiet death, or in this case a coma. Throughout the 90's it seemed the AIDS epidemic was under control and the disease didn't hit the mainstream media much except for speculating whether the latest celebrity had in fact succumbed to the disease. Every now and then the coma was interrupted with pockets of gossip here and there about the "population control" aspect of AIDS but overall the issue slept.

In fact the whole AIDS issue slept while people went about their day to day lives, using condoms to protect themselves and drug users being more educated about the use of clean utensils to inject with. Homosexuals were lectured on the need for condoms and brothels were not allowed to operate in most western societies without the guest putting on a raincoat as such.

People became conplacent and the issue of AIDS ceased to touch them. There became less and less red ribbons adorning chests of people whos friends and relatives had succumbed to it's deadly clutches. People conveniently forgot about AIDS. That was something that happened to other people.

We don't have to worry after all it's only the "fallen" that contract it in western countries. If we do follow the biblical terms of not committing sodomy, not taking illicit drugs and staying faithful to our one clean partner, practising safe sex then we will not contract this disease. So we continue our lives untouched by this tragedy unfolding.

Fast forward to today in present day Africa.

In one region of Africa alone the KwaZulu-Natal region, a 2004 study found that a massive 41 percent of women were living with HIV. 41 percent is almost half of the women in that area have HIV and that study did not count men or children but it is believed those figues are smiliar for men.

In Botswanna 37 percent of the adult population has HIV and In Kenya 2.4 million people are HIV positive. A shocking figure but how does that figure compare with the whole sub-Sahara rate of 25.4 million people having HIV and the figure of 3.1 million new cases discovered in 2004.

The Republic of South Africa is a comparatively large country, covering 1,221,042 square kilometres and with an estimated population of about 40 million. 28% of people in South Africa have been affected by HIV / AIDS, and 13% of all the people in the world living with HIV can be found in South Africa. UNAIDS estimates that at the end of 2003 there were 5.3 million people in South Africa living with HIV - 21.5% of the population.

2 million children under 15 are HIV positive and average life expectancy has dropped to 47 years of age in some African nations.

12 million children have been orphaned by AIDS. Both parents dying of the disease, one infecting the other and in many cases their children as well.

These figures are expected to rise sharply before peaking at the end of the decade. But thats all they are, figures. The reality is not hitting home.

It has ceased to matter whether HIV and AIDS were designed and created as a population control device, they have become the worlds largest and most successful population control device ever to threaten mankind.

It is time that the awareness of this issue is pushed once again to the front of our dinner plates. The media needs to report more on the human impact of the AIDS disaster. 1000 people died when Katrina hit New Orleans but how many died that day of AIDS in the world and not just the day but the one before and the one after and the next and the next. The answer to that is 6324.15 People die on average per day in Africa of AIDS.

The media is not making the general public aware of what is happening in Africa. here and there a few stories that quickly die a death as fatal as the death of AIDS. No images flashed of children suffering, of the conditions patients live in, of the abandoned, of the despair, of the fatality facing these people.

How many children cried and sobbed as they held their mother who was taking her dying breath today. How many children sit broken hearted orphaned alone and in fear, also living with the disease. How many men laid there cold and alone on dirt floors punished with a death sentence, carried out upon them by the most beautiful and natural act the world has to offer.

How many hospitals, homes, alleyways, and huts are filled with the rasping noise of life being robbed. Who cares? Who holds these peoples hands and wipes away the damp wetness? Where is the future, there is none for these people.

The world has forgotten. The world has turned it's back and looked away, refusing to see the ugliness that blight upon this world we share. While the world parties in rich luxury AIDS has become the reality of that fear. for whatever the reason whatever the cause AIDS has been effective at what it does best. While the world slept Africa woke up to the fate of death.

AIDS has become a loud roar from echoes whispered silently into empty voids.

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Study Reference.
South African Department of Health 2004

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posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 02:04 AM
Nice piece.
It just goes to show how fickle and easily directed the public attention is. The media dangles whatever shiny toy it chooses to in front of our faces and we immediately drop the old toy and grasp at the new one with glee. While we argue and fret about "international Islamic terrorism", an older yet equally manufactured epidemic quietly continues to decimate many parts of the world. But all that could be solved in a month or two if they just released the cure to the public.

posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 04:27 PM
Nice post! Makes you wonder where this bird flu has come from and who it's intended targets might be if it is manufactured...maybe our overpopulation is so out of control that it doesn't really matter.

I've always liked Canadian scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki's example of just how fatal our situation has become, and something to think about for all those proposing the collonization of space as a possible solution:

...imagine a test tube full of food for bacteria to last 60 minutes, and imagine that we introduce a single bacterium that divides each minute. Because the population doubles every minute, you get exponential population growth. At 60 minutes, the test tube is full of bacteria and all the food is gone. Now here’s the interesting part: the test tube is 50% full at *59 MINUTES*, 25% full at *58 MINUTES*… 3% full at 55 minutes …

So Suzuki continues and proposes: Perhaps one of the bacterium figure out they’re going to run out of food at 55 minutes (3% full). So if the bacteria use all their resources to create another 3 test tubes of food, you’d think they would be saved wouldn’t they? Well, at 60 minutes the first test tube would be full of bacteria. At 61 minutes, the second test tube would be full of bacteria. At 62 minutes, all four test tubes would be full of bacteria. So they only bought themselves 2 more minutes of time even though they quadrupled their food.

The point of all this? Most scientists believe that we are well into the 59th minute.

The sustainability of our planet is becoming desperate and the clock is ticking...but are drastic population control measures such as AIDS and bird flu yet necessary?


posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 07:25 PM
Very well put!
My theory on any control will have to come from a less test-tos-ter-one males way of thinking.That hormone in anagram tests one.
The most sad part of all is that African males believe? that to rape a virgin will cure them, and this goes down as far as newborn females on up.
Wasn't 30-40K a day starving to death enough population control before the aids advent?

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