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1929: Bits Incite Palestinian Terrorism With Fake Pictures

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posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 08:37 PM

Falsified photographs showing the Omar mosque Of Jerusalem in ruins, with an inscription that the edifice had been bombed by the Zionists, were handed out to the Arabs of Hebron as they were leaving their place of worship on Friday evening, August the twenty third [1929]. A Jew passing by on his way to the synagogue was stabbed to death. When he learned of the murder, Rabbi Slonim, a man born and bred in the city and a friend of the Arab notables, notified the British police commander that the Arabs seemed to be strangely excited. He was told to mind his own business. An hour later the synagogue was attacked by a mob, and the Jews at prayer were slaughtered. On the Saturday morning following, the Yeshiva or theological seminary, which stands away from the center of the town on the road to Jerusalem, was put to the sack, and the students were slain. A delegation of Jewish citizens thereupon set out to visit the police station, but was met by the lynchers. The Jews returned and took refuge in the house of Rabbi Slonim where they, remained until evening, when the mob appeared before the door. Unable to batter it down, the Arabs climbed up the trees at the rear of the house and, dropping onto the balcony, entered through the windows on the first floor.

Mounted police-Arab troopers in the service of the government had appeared outside by this time, and some of the Jews ran down the stairs of Slonim's house and out into the roadway. They implored the policemen to dismount and protect their friends and relatives inside the house and clung around the necks of the horses. From the upper windows came the terrifying screams of the old people, but the police galloped off, leaving the boys in the road to be cut down by Arabs arriving from all sides for the orgy of blood.

What occurred in the upper chambers of Slonim's house could be seen when we found the twelve-foot-high ceiling splashed with blood. Tile rooms looked like a slaughterhouse. When I visited the place in the company of Captain Marek Schwartz, a former Austrian artillery officer, Mr. Abraham Goldberg of New York, and Mr. Ernst Davies, correspondent of the old Berliner Tageblatt, the blood stood in a huge pool on the slightly sagging stone floor of the house. Clocks crockery, tables and windows had been smashed to smithereens. Of the unlooted articles, not a single item had been left intact except a large black-and-white photograph of Dr. Theodore HerzI, the founder of political Zionism. Around the picture's frame the murderers had draped the blood-drenched underwear of a woman.

We stood silently contemplating the scene of slaughter when the door was flung open by a British soldier with fixed bayonet. In strolled Mr. Keith-Roach, governor of the Jaffa district, followed by a colonel of the Green Howards battalion of the King's African Rifles. They took a hasty glance around that awful room, and Mr. Roach remarked to his companion, "Shall we have lunch now or drive to Jerusalem first?"


Remember who drew the lines in the sand that are the borders of the Mid-East today.

The Governor was a distant cousin of mine.

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 08:58 PM
Im interested in hearig your take on the story and how it has a bearing on todays events in the Middle East. You are right the Old British Empire did draw the line in the sand as you put it. And we were never above the things mentioned in the article, you dont carve an Empire at the tip of a bayonet and then keep it with kind words and treats for the kids.
Im in no way condoning what happened but i still wonder why people are still supprised when something like this appears about us Brits. After all its all tea and cricket with us isnt it?
The old Empire builders of the 18-1900s really didnt care about how they acheived their goals just the end result, and really not that much has changed.
The end result in the Middle East i.e. Iraq is that we keep the Oil flowing to us, i dont really believe we have the best interests of Iraq at heart, the US may believe that but im afraid our reasons for bieng there as far as i can see are purely economic, just my opinion of course.

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posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 09:11 PM

Im interested in hearig your take on the story and how it has a bearing on todays events in the Middle East.

It all goes to the centuries old Grand Intent, to establish a Masonic Temple where Al Aqsa is today from where 'they' will rule the world.

Instead of taking it by force they allow the Jews to tear it down then jump in to save the day and impose their own solution.

And its not that big of a secret.

The Degree of Heredom
2. T. What is the highest and most sublime Degree of Masonry?
S.G.G. The Royal Order of H.R.M. of K.L.WN.G.
3. T. Where was the Order first established?
S.G.G. On the holy top of Mount Moriah in the Kingdom of Judea.
4. T. Where was it afterwards re-established ?
S.G.G. At Icolinkill, and afterwards at Kilwinning, where the King of Scotland first sat as Grand Master.
That you will always keep, guard and conceal,
In time to come you never will reveal
Either to Master Mason, Fellow Craft or Apprentice
Of St. John's Order, what our grand intent is;


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