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Plum Island animal disease research facility being moved.

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posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 01:10 PM
The New York Times

Target: Plum Island
September 11, 2005, Sunday
By KARL GROSSMAN (NYT); Long Island Weekly Desk
Late Edition - Final, Section 14LI, Page 11, Column 4, 960 words

"FOUR years after Sept. 11, 2001, the United States Department of Homeland Security is finally facing reality. That's right, the agency announced last month that it had decided to replace Plum Island Animal Disease Center with a new federal biological and agricultural defense center at a location yet to..."

That is all of the article that was available free from:

I do not know anthing more about this update. But I can say for those of you unacquainted with plum island that it has been a bio-weapons factory for quite a while (mods feel free to move thread). Throughout its history there a have been numerous security breaches and accidental exposures, resulting from greed and corruption.

If anyone knows where I can view the rest of the article or could supply bulleted points, I'm interested.

Does anyone know what "they" intend to do with the island after the facility moves (the facility is the only thing on the island)?

Also interested in where the new location will be... though it probably doesn't matter as every american has bio-weapons lab within a few hundred miles of them already.

Sri Oracle

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