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Must Read, Stargate Plausable ?

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 01:34 AM
Just a couple of questions, I know the story of stargate is a great one. Yet it leaves many people thinking… hey is this possible? I know that anything is possible, but is it plasable.

My first question is to anyone who has knowledge of ancient Egypt, and was there ever any reference to ‘the ring of the gods’? it may not be in that exact text but is there anything that is relevant to such things such as portal or a form of transportation their gods used for travel? One would wonder if there were so many gods where did the idea come for each of these? How did they acquire such abilities to make themselves praised, loved or even feared.

For example; aphosis ruled the night, it was said that he took the form of a serpent (snake) and had the ability to steal the souls of humans, in other words, steal there body and or kill them.

Question two. Has anyone ever tried to construct a wormhole devise and have any kind of success what so ever? No secrets have to be told, I would just like to know if any type of success has occurred

Final question. There a theories on stone henge as being some kind of worship place to the stars. Does anyone with knowledge on the topic feel it is a possibility that a stargate once stood in the centre of this place, that stone henge was build as living map of the stars. Look up and be able to figure out the configuration of the ‘dial up device’ and transport themselves to other places. Is it possible that a dominating government such as America, England or Russia found this, destroyed evidence of it and are currently using it in this time.
At what time was stone henge discovered and what was the largest forming nation at that time?

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