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Wikipedia's New Archnemesis

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posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 12:00 PM
Looks like the great all knowing Wiki has some competition check the site out as soon as the /. effect as worn off you'll have a laugh.

Here is the blurb from /.

"Forget about Britannica, and meet Uncyclopedia. Formally the adoptive first cousin of Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia stands for everything Wikipedia cannot have: misinformation, satire, and lies. Does this prove that satire and humour can take off in a collaborative environment, a possibility often contested by grumpy Wikipedians? What many people don't know is that the Wikipedia article on the Flying Spaghetti Monster was partly copied from the FSM article on Uncyclopedia. Will the confusion ever end?"

Here is the /. thread on it

PS The link DOES work it's just getting hammered by traffic
That's the Slashdot( /. ) effect.

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