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A global lottery? raise funds name it

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posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 11:52 AM
There are so many lotteries in Canada and the United States (and perhaps elsewhere) that they have almost become passe. Of course, lotteries do raise a lot of money for charities, state and provincial funds, etc. that they are a viable means of raising awareness as well as cash. What about the concept of having a global lottery?

Think of it....a global lottery where tickets are sold through every countries banking systems. The proceeds would go towards a goal or fund to help such things as; finding a cure for AIDS, Cancer or whatever disease that the selection committee selects.

The lottery could be held monthly or whatever

The tickets could cost ten dollars or the equivelent

The prize could be one billion dollars....500 million to one winner with 500 - 1 million dollar prizes. Naturally, the prize winnings would be taxable which would even contribute to the national economy of the prize winners' home nation.

But the potential of raising and contributing a lump sum amount towards one cause per lottery period would be enormous. Consider putting several hundred millions of dollars towards AIDS research or towards immunizations or even supplying clean, potable water to a third world nation? It would make such a lottery worthwhile...or wouldn't it?


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