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ATF is a great fuel injector cleaner

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posted on Aug, 6 2010 @ 11:51 PM
autowrench...good advice!! ive been doing the distilled water staem clean via the brake booster cable to engine for years WAY better than any chemicl out thier. I used to use mopar combustion chamber cleaner, and manyt imes have done the seafoam through intake method, and it makes an enormous amount of smelly smoke...
as autowrench said.. get about 24-32 ozs of distilled water,. yuo dont wanna use tap water as it can cause rust and mineral deposits much quicker. boil it. pour into an old spray bottle, rev the engine at about 1500 rpm, and spray the hot distilled water into the throttle body, or better, after the PCV valve or brake booster to engine head line. but..remember to let the egnine cool down, replace the spark plugs and oil and filter.. to evacuate any unbunred water and yuo really dont know how much crud may or maynot come out* the carbon, if any, may interfere with teh electrodes on bottom of spark plug, carboning them up, hence forth replace em. i do this method once a year.
sen many pics of engines using this method, SPOTLESS. however, if yuor car leaks oil, as all eventually will..yuor best bet it to go with a good high mileage engine. like 5 years ago, i wa using mobil 1 5w30 synthetic, a true syntheitc*. after abuot 8 months, and 130,000 miles on engine, guess what. came out one day, and discovered about 75% of a quart of fresh oil i changed 3 nights earlier, under my car. mobil oil is known for its cleaning prpertys, but it sucks as a lubricating oil. it cleaned my engine up too well lol. so went witht he high mileage stuff, so the seals re sweel, and replaced the rear seal as well. mobil get bad reviews, becasue it repeatedly has failed the ball bearing test* a friction test done by the auto industry on psitons/cams in engines. mobil will clean everything up, including varnish* but not something ide persoanlly use long term.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by IXRAZORXI321
Add about 2-3 oz ATF(automatic transmission fluid) to a gallon of GAS . It burns hotter and cleans the tip of the fuel injectors. $1.22 a quart at walmart. It works better than any of the off the shelf fuel injector cleaners .

Seafoam works good along with it through the intake.

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Any of you guys heard of this stuff? If not, you're gonna love it!

Asphalt Quarry: A diesel engine, in which Bi-Tron had been used for almost 3 years, was taken apart. No traces of wear were found and the engine parts looked completely clean and almost new. Additional tests were done and show amazing oil characteristic retention; not common under normal circumstances.
Dragster Engine: One piston was taken out of a dragster engine after 70 runs without Bi-Tron. The piston skirt has a severe scuffing. Another piston was taken out of an engine after 350 runs with Bi-Tron. The piston has no signs of wear, is completely clean, and all the friction surfaces are polished.

Taxi Cab Fleet: The cabs were treated with Bi-Tron. Compression readings ranged between 149 and 154 (equivalent to that expected from a brand new engine). The Bi-Tron treated cabs ran quieter and smoother. The average operating temperature was reduced by 20 degrees. Drivers reported mileage improvement.
Emission: In a controlled laboratory test, Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner reduced CO2 emissions drastically. During the same test CO emissions were reduced as well as hydrocarbon emissions! In a similar test diesel engine smoke emissions were reduced dramatically when using a Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner.

wtf STUNNING or what!

(Wonder if it works on pushbikes - just kidding! I was on my way home from the pub when I walked past a guy at the side of the road with his head buried under his car hood. Trouble mate? - I asked. "Yes...PISTON BROKE - came the reply. SAME HERE, HICCUP! - I added)

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posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 01:06 PM
ATF is a high detergent SAE 10 weight oil. years ago we used to clean our hands from rear axle oil and grease using a bit of ATF before washiing with Go Jo...

It can be used to flush an engine by installing a new oil filter then drain the oil and add the proper amount of quarts of ATF, THEN RUN THE ENGINE AT 1500 RPM FOR 15 TO 30 MINUTES, DO NOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE AT ALL!

Then drop the oil and filter and add fresh oil and a new filter plus add 1 15 ounce bottle of STP [in the blue bottle]. The STP has a high antiwear additive and raises the viscosity of the oil by 10 points..i.e. 10W30 becomes 20W40 and 5W30 becomes 15W40... wont hurt your engine... but beware of the fact that if you reassembled an engine and used an aerosol spray to hold gaskets in place the ATF will scrub off the over spray and could gum up the intake screen on the oil pump.

We also used to tell people never change trans fluid because the high levels of detergent in the AFT will scrub the varnish off the inside of the trans and the old fluid that remained in the torque converter would mix with the new fluid, but the varnish would precipitate out of the fluid and gum up the valve body. Quaker State Oil even put out a bulletin on this very subject in the early 80's and to date has not rescinded the bulletin.

Adding ATF results in a barium molecule in the ATF surrounding the water molecules in the gas and carrying them out of the gas tank to be burned. And ATF burns ash free so it wont carbon up the valves or heads.

50 years of experience in the automotive field has been acquired listening to people that knew more than myself that were willing to share their knowledge so I'm just passing it along!

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