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Italian Intelligence:Alarm nuclear terroristic action in Italy

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 12:28 PM
The news was published first by the italian daily newspaper "La Stampa".
I find the news for free on the website of the italian economical newspaper "Il sole 24 ore" that quotes the news and cites like source "La Stampa".

This the link in italian
Il sole 24 ore

This is an altavista translation....

To worry our Country (Italy) it is instead a report of the Italian Intelligence written up in collaboration with the allies intelligence agencies, according to which Italy could endure a nuclear attack: the mother of all the fears and one catastrophe without previous. The report, classified, has been anticipated from the daily paper 'La Stampa' that dedicates to it the first page on september 12.

The scene outlined from report is the explosion in one great city, underground station or financial center: the palaces within thousand meters would be seriously damage, the effects on the person would be important and often lethal in a beam of six kilometers ", the report then assume" mass evacuations, approximately means million persons.
The day after scenario is a contaminated area of 7 square kilometers and an economic impact equal to approximately 250 million euro ".

It can be assumed - our (italian) Services write - than the nuclear device is already present in Italy ". The political importance of our country (italy) in the bilateral relationships with the USA, its geopolitical role of Mediterranean power, could make to decide the apex of global jihad for a terroristic action the nuclear on our territory (Italy).

The explosion of an atomic bomb, also of modest power, as for example a strategic head low yeld from theatre or for specializes uses, would cause however destructions of enormous capacity in a western city, for the directed 'barotermici' effects and for immediate and in the time radioactive effects.
But beyond to tens of thousand of dead it would constitute a destabilizing fact for the world-wide economy, a blow from which the system difficultly could be resumed.

Between the risks there is the atomic spread of ability and technologies in many Countries, but to worry it is above all the nuclear arsenal of the former Soviet Union and the successive dismantling in observance to not-proliferation deals: it is not improbable that they can have gone "lost" atomic tactics or that they have been deficiencies in the dismantling of thermonuclear heads to fusion whose trigger, the so-called "primario", is constituted from one small dimensions fission bomb.

In more than an occasion an escape of atomic devices has been afraid, so-called nuclear cases or however crews of small dimensions like the Sadm (Small Atomic Demolition Munition) even gives approximately five kiloton (less of the half of the bomb of Hiroshima).

In 1997 Russian general Alexander Lebed, dead in a "aerial incident" in 2002, asserted public that the Red Army lost at least one hundred suitcase bomb: a perfect arm for a terroristic group. One circumstance that then - unavoidablly - was refutation from the Russian government.


Here there is the refutation of not specified sources of the Italian secret service.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 01:22 PM
First I read this thread... then I read this thread...


I always believed Italy was next... I hope not.


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