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Go Straight? Ozzy Rates Rehab Clinics

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posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 03:42 PM
You think the Oz has a drug prob?

He says, "When my azz was on fire, when I'd go crazy and everyone was chasing me, and my wife had left home and the kids were screaming and I was never allowed into the house again, I'd check in.

Ozzy has seen quite a few rehabs but still does drugs, so much for succes rates...

"Betty Ford is a good one. And a place called Promises, in Malibu, which is like a [bleeping] Hollywood camp resort for wealthy [bleeping] lunatics," Osbourne tells the October issue of the mag. "Hazelden, in Minnesota, is a really hard one. They do not [bleep] around.

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"I lost my mind kiddies, but I forgot bloody how."

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