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Iran looking for nuclear suppoort from Russia

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 04:37 PM

An interesting develop, with what seems like, Iran, now trying to get Russia, China, and any other power to help them!

They def seem to be making moves to not be checkmate, in their battle with the West!!!

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 07:19 PM
I dont want war.
Im only 3 weeks away from a backpacking working holiday around the world..

Just my luck!

posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 06:10 AM
Well maybe the russians are trying to recreate the warsaw pact - only with muslim countries this time round


posted on Sep, 9 2005 @ 06:14 AM
Iran already has a Millitary pact with Moscow, and it has for many years. Russia is now very friendly with China, so alliance is virtually already there, Iran and her allies are readying for the US attack which will follow the US elections.

Iran knows its coming, and will fight back, its sensible to aquire allies at this juncture.

posted on Sep, 12 2005 @ 02:25 PM
In an ideal world, it might make sense to say they should have the right to whatever weapons they want. We don't live in an ideal world. I see Iran's push to get the bomb as inexorably plunging the entire Middle East and much of the world into all-out nuclear war.

posted on Sep, 22 2005 @ 03:27 PM
You Americans can't see beyond your own ambitions.

Iran with nuclear power could be the most stabilizing force in the Middle East.
With alliances with India, China and Russia already in place, they could provide an open door to the Midle East and Europe for trade. They already have pipeline agreements with most of the "new" energy sources, and with their strengthening alliance with India, could become a viable member of the world community.

From Iran's perspective, India is a big business opportunity. Not only will its insatiable appetite for hydrocarbons grow, but the Indian economy could yield important trade deals. Perhaps most important is that India's defence industry is largely impervious to American sanctions - providing Iran with a nearby pool of expertise and spare parts.

In reaching out to each other, Teheran and Delhi are looking to put the past behind them and recast their relationship. But such bonhomie does not suit America, which sees Iran as part of the global "axis of evil".

It was not always thus. In fact the United States built Iran's first nuclear plant at Amirabad, and knew that the Shah began a low-grade weapons research programme in 1967.

But the current administration goofed badly in declaring an"axis of evil" and by attempting to cast the 'world view' of their grab for oil, they have forced the other major powers in the world to look elsewhere for alliances.

eeper69 -

It is your country that is threatening to use nuclear weapons, and which is continuing to manufacture atomic weapons, to develop new ones and to weaponize space.

Perhaps, the "axis of evil" is just more distraction!

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