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Government Blocking Adoption of Displaced Families!!!

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posted on Sep, 7 2005 @ 03:13 PM
All over the radio today I heard the stories of people who travelled to New Orleans to adopt a displaced family. On man in particular from California was heading to San Antonio to visit a friend who was finding him a family to help. He was in Pheonix, AZ and heard there were families there. So he decided to drive less and get one from there. He was turned away and was told it would take at least a week before he could take a family. After getting the runaround for quite a while he figured hey my friend will have a family for me. He arrived in San Antonio and his friend had the same runaround. He tried in vain to help a family and had to return to California with an empty car.

Who has taken away the free will of these people? I understand not letting them back into NO but not letting them start their life again. These people are now being detained.

I have also been hearing from people saying they took a semi full of clothes, water, and food down to New Orleans only to get sent away at gunpoint. So a few of them made it to Mississippi and distributed there instead.


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