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Anti-Japan War Online

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 12:15 PM
So. China has decided to make a new online game where the object will be to kill the invading soldiers from japan... The goal is to wake patriotism in young Chinese people. The game is sponsored by the China Communist Youth League.
This quote from gamespot pretty much sums the goal of the game up:

In the game, players suit up as one of 17 Chinese characters from all walks of life, and defend their country from the invading Japanese during World War II. Looking to see it from the other side? Not going to happen. The game not only forbids gamers from playing as the Japanese, but also, according to The Guardian Unlimited, the developers made the Japanese side more ugly.

I don't think we should expect to many copies of this selling on the japanse market.. :p

Info on gamespot about the game

PowerNet and China Communist Youth League develop "Anti-Japan War Online" game

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