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The Irony is thick

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 01:29 PM
Republican Quotes during Clinton Office

Bush says, "No Nation Building!"

Bush, "I would be careful about using our troops for nation building"

Colin Powell Admits to Shady Evidence

Powell overestimating the chances of weapons 1 year earlier.

List of quotes about WMD in Iraq before and after the invasion

Saudi Arabia - Just one country with more terrorist roots than iraq

I recently saw a thread, "what if you were wrong".

I have never said that Saddam being out of power isn't a good thing. I would suppose most anti-war protesters aren't upset that he is out of power.

Saddam being out of power is not the contention here. Terrorist roots are not the issue either. Weapons of mass destruction appear to be a non-issue for nearly a decade. Making Iraq a free country and promoting democracy is certainly not a valid topic either.

Apparently, the issue is why are we in Iraq?

To be honest, I'd rather the government and the pro-war supporters to just quit with the propaganda and lies, and just flat out say it. I'd like the pro-war supporters to just say, "I don't know", and the government to say, "It's none of your damn business".

That appears to be the underlying message I get anyway. So why not just come out and say it?

So, this thread, in response to the "what if you were wrong" thread, asks a different question.

What am I hypothetically wrong about? Certainly not the phoniness behind this administrations agenda.

Are you questioning whether this country is more secure? I suppose that is debatable, however, when leaders of al Qaeda and the Taleban rejoice about our attack of Iraq -- stating that we will be fighting dual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that will cause a slow and constant bleeding -- I tend to lead towards the latter. The latter being that we are less secure.

So, what if you're wrong? Thousands of troops have died of a lax cause. The safety of the country has not increased, infact, has probably decreased.

Do you suppose that the possibility that the above is true should at least be of good enough cause to force our government to release the true reasons of the Iraq invasion (being that it has been a few years since the invasion, I think the cat is already out of the bag)?

Bush's hypocracy on bin Laden (even after blaming clinton for 9/11)


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