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spaceman on katrina and HAARP

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 12:10 PM
last night's spaceman, gary bell, on mojo640am in toronto was chock full of interesing tidbits.

i have to collect the info that i heard him talk about, but here's some:

NEWS ARTICLE: "Malaysia to Battle Smog With Cyclones", by Chen May Yee, Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, November 13, 1997, page A19.
KULA LUMPUR -- Malaysia's war on smog is about to get a new twist. The government wants to create man-made cyclones to scrub away the haze that has plagued Malaysia since July. 'We will use special technology to create an artificial cyclone to clean the air', said Datuk Law Hieng Ding, minister for science, technology and the environment. The plan calls for the use of new Russian technology to create cyclones -- the giant storms also known as typhoons and hurricanes -- to cause torrential rains, washing the smoke out of the air. The Malaysian cabinet and the finance minister have approved the plan, Datuk Law said. A Malaysian company, BioCure Sdn. Bhd., will sign a memorandum of understanding soon with a government-owned Russian party to produce the cyclone.

Datuk Law declined to disclose the size of the cyclone to be generated, or the mechanism. 'The details I don't have', he said. He did say, though, that the cyclone generated would be 'quite strong'. Datuk Law also declined to disclose the price of creating the cyclone. But, he said, Malaysia doesn't have to pay if the project doesn't work

michael chertoff was recorded saying "katarina" as opposed to "katrina". this may have been a freudian slip. the russian pronunciation of katrina is katarina. katarina is supposedly equated with hectate.

a lot of what space and his amazing phone in guests said is at this link

By localizing one spot of heating at the top of a thunderstorm anvil, and another spot of cooling at its side, a localized downburst can be created.  Our weather satellites have detected just such an anomalous combination heating and cooling of thunderstorm anvils over the U.S.  While there may exist natural mechanisms to cause this anomalous dual pattern, it may also be caused by Soviet weather engineering, which can cause either broad-area or highly localized effects

a HAM radio buff phoned in. he claimed that his ham radio reception failed prior to the hurricane. he claimed this happens when the upper ionosphere is heated, as by HAARP.
a hurricane buff phoned in and said the hurricane behaved bizarrely, totally contrary to highly detailed computer models. the models had the hurricane petering out and becoming nothing more than a strong rain by the time it hit the coast. the storm however, after beginning to die down, suddenly turned and headed DIRECTLY for new orleans, and increased in intensity.

the UN apparently has a 'rewilding' agenda. this was mentioned as well.
somebody has really done a lot of typing about's that nasty antichrist again!

as an aside......prince charles, 'saviour of the world'


What no one in leadership is telling you is that these areas designated to be set aside on this map will be swept of all human living and/or development, as part of the 1972 United Nations Biodiversity Protection program. This plan literally conceives of setting aside huge areas of the world where no humans can live -- will be allowed to live -- or work, or play. While this plan is global and is being instituted globally, we will limit our study of it to the United States. [The entire plan is published in a report entitled, "Our Global Neighborhood: The Report of the Commission On Global Governance", Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-827997-3, 410 pages long. You can order from any bookstore using the ISBN Number, above.][/url]

i apologise for the haphazard presentation, but hey!'s radio. maybe we can get howard in to do a haphazmat clean-up.

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