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Questions of racism in hurricane photo captions; Yahoo responds

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 06:27 PM

Originally posted by DaTruth
As you can see none of the people on this board who asked the question "Why does this have to turn into a race issue? *cough* (I See you)" have responded. Truth Hurts, America is still racist bottom line. The worst thing is the reporter who wrote this article probably didn't do it intentionally . That just shows you how deep the rift in this country runs.

Well your sort of right Btw America is the nation were blacks were given there rights affront of the westrn dominances, and another thing that you should know the blacks have more rights then whites and also that it is just been recent events that the blacks have been attacked racialy by the Government it began way back in when bush started elections and the Bush Admin cheated the election by taking black votes off.

And Yes your right that blacks do get racial discriminated but so does every other nation, but when it comes up to government level that then becomes an issue e.g. one the worlds biggest racist country is Briton U.K but at Government level there is non, nothing no kind of racial or discrimination accepted EVER and any racial discrimination found with in community or council,Gov is dealt with swiftly, Hats off for UK it is a role model to the world of its community policies.

I cant accept the way the USA treated its flood victems its just throwing some one in the sea and even knowing that they are suffering but then reacting to it in 5 Days un justified really not something that you say could is nice or normal to do.

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 07:18 PM
This is a good example of a manufactured issue.

The two pics where presented by two different sources. The terms looting vrs finding in this circumstance are interchangable.

We don't know if any other pics of white people with food have the word looting in their captions.

People are reading into this what wasn't intended.

But, this is something I've come to expect from the hybersensitive and intollerant US public. It's what makes them so easy to manipulate.

Use you're own brains people!!


Is this really a big deal, or is it just a distraction from a larger problem?

Moreover, consiter the actual facts:
NO had a large underprivliged population.
Most of that population happens to be black.
When the evacuation notice was given, the poor are the least informed and least mobile.
Thus, it's a perfectly natural artifact of the reality of the system that the majority of casualties are poor, black people.

Recall also that these people are also likely to be the most resentful of the system, even before the disaster. Given the situation, why would we be suprised in the slightest that they would have a hostial reaction?

Let's try to fact facts, folks...
The system is FUBAR.
Trying to find any particular source of blame, or screaming Racisem at this point is like trying to blame a particular raindrop for bursting those levies!

posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 04:49 PM
But the Fact remains even if the the racial comments were not stated on the news papers, that in an event of an huricane the response of emergency help must all ways be swift and in large amounts of man power, but what happend in the USA is realy not sommething to be said that was some kind of hypersensetive people but that a country that has the power and the Tech and the Economy to deal with disaster like Huricanes and is able to help other nations with rapid response, now could not do any thing in a period of 5 days that can not be justified as blame to the government then what can you say or even agree with such slow response.

There is a problem with in the US Government that needs to be fixed and made valid that there are failures with in the Government to the responde to national security your only thinking about natural disaster size of half or whole of France but bear in mind that lets say it were a nuclear bomb exploding or similar to it a nuclear plant would you except the time taken of response in 5 days, I would Never.

Take note of this also you should not blame but try to fix the problem or other wise a super power like USA would a more super disaster.

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