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Jackie Hernandez

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posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 04:01 PM
Has anyone ever heard of her incidents with a poltergeist? It has to probably be the most disturbing haunting I have ever heard of. I saw a program on it on Sci-Fi channel this morining, the footage was crazy. I remember on footage where a little orb/rod thingy started going through Jackie. She was just standing there, she didn't even notice the orb/rod was flying around her.

The poltergeist that was in her home was always attacking one person, I believe a he was a reporter or something.

Here's a little more on the story if you never heard of it.

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posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 02:29 AM
i saw that program this morning also. i believe the footage was from the early 90s. that was a pretty crazy documentary though, although not much was caught on tape. something would happen, and the camera would either have been off, or it would swing around. some pretty crazy stuff though.

The parts that stick out most in my mind are the scissors falling from everywhere, the the box of .22 cal bullets landing on the burner on the stove, the broom stuck into the burner, and the letter moving onto the burner to catch fire. The story was incredible, yet i dont know if i fully believe it.

Did you happen to catch the program after that one? Proof Positive? i actually just made a thread about remote viewing being proven because of that program, and then i happened to catch this thread! haha

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 02:36 AM
I saw that show too... and I made a thread about it a while ago. I feel like an idiot ...
Sorry, didn't find it when I did a search.

I thought it was very interesting and really well-documented. The one crewman getting hung was startling. And in that one picture, the light looks a lot like those "flying rods" people talk about. I think this haunting was credible as it happened to not only Jackie, but that the entity followed the crewman home, and followed Jackie from house to house.

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