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EPA lifts ban on selling PCB sites

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posted on Sep, 2 2003 @ 08:29 AM
OK, now THIS does piss me off!

PCBs are some extremely toxic material, highly carcinogenic, and I believe it to be straight up heresy to allow sales of property with significant PCB contamination without at least a deed notice attached regarding the contamination. *note* that this new policy DOES NOT require the buyer to be notified of this contamination!(All because they were afraid that this old policy was hurting land development....)

Let the buyer beware!

WASHINGTON The Bush administration has ended a 25-year-old ban on the sale of land polluted with PCBs. The ban was intended to prevent hundreds of polluted sites from being redeveloped in ways that spread the toxin or raise public health risks.
The Environmental Protection Agency decided the ban was "an unnecessary barrier to redevelopment (and) may actually delay the clean-up of contaminated properties," according to an internal memo issued last month to advise agency staff of the change.

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