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My first collbaerative Fcition thing

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posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 07:12 PM
Well i have a short story its just....really really lame. But ill give you the just of the way if you dont like things that are "really" i mean 'REALLY" weird and dark turn back new to writing but its fun and is something to do when the teachers babeling at my school. I wrote this one back in 7th or 6th grade....anyways add on to it if u want



The sky is full of nothing but clouds. Big dark and thick clouds are all that can be seen from the icy Alaskan Neogen Inc. Research Lab. The clouds are very dark, almost black in fact the only light that penetrates the darkness is the few lights that are upon the cold concrete facility that lays below. The blackness above suddenly begins to spew thousands of tiny snow flakes. They begin to slowly drift down onto the icy grounds, it is the only movement seen in the incredibly black atmosphere. The ground is also very dark, though not anything close to the darkness of the sky. It is also extremely quiet, nothing can be heard for miles, that is in fact why the small Neogen building has chosen this location for it’s research lab. The silence is quickly broken by an eerie wind that screeches amongst the buildings. It passes through the buildings insulation, past the pink and green fiberglass into the Neogen waiting room. The only pieces of furniture that are present are an oak hotel looking front desk and three very old wooden chairs. A coffee table is in front of the chairs, one cup of coffee lays on the right side of the desk. There are no windows, only paintings and company logos. The walls are white and the floor is a green carpet. There are two black doors, one leading into the building, another leading into the rest of the facility. The entrance door is made from stainless steal and is very cold to the touch, the other is wooden, a very dark oak.

The oak door suddenly opens revealing a young woman. She is Lila Chambers, a dark haired girl of twenty-eight. Her outfit is a woman’s business suit, black and purple in color. A Neogen I.D. card is laced around her neck. It carries the company’s symbol with a picture of her on the right hand corner. She carries a large file in her right hand she walks toward the front desk and sits near on the wooden chair that is close by. Sighing Lila throws the file next to her and puts her elbows on the desk. She looks at the company logo on the wall, with hate and remembers back to why she came here.

Neogen Inc. originally founded in the early 1980’s by Charles Manson. Charles was considered to be a top medical researcher recommended by many of his Professors in his university days. In fact the university had given him a huge grant to start his company. It had started out slow, very slow. He had enough money to buy a small building in the downtown streets of Boston. The building itself was not in the least expensive though, as gangs and the homeless of the city had used the building previously as a slum. But buying the equipment that was going to be used inside the building and the staff to use it was where he had encountered problems. The only activists that he could and had hired were second rate as he had called them. University dropouts were his prime resource back then but of course the had needed to study either biological engineering or biological chemicals. Ones that had thought that drinking there life away or smoking pot was more important than their future. They provided cheap labor and would work long hours for a quick dime.

In the beginning, Neogen had only needed 20 staff, now he had over 100,000, all over the world working at either one of his huge office buildings or Research facilities. Apparently there were at least 100 Neogen owned buildings on every continent except the Southern and Northern Antarctica’s.
The pet project had started it all. It had made him million of dollars and gave him the chance to expand his small enterprise. He had bought new pieces of land and hired new more educated scientists. The gene-altering project itself was brilliant he had altered the D.N.A. of Vegetables to make them grow at a much faster rate. Though naturalists had swarmed his buildings in protest, his creation still had made it to most grocery stores and farming companies. In fact it made it around the globe, he was considered to be the world famous biotechnical engineer from that day on.

The company had also created other amazing feats of science for example in the early 90’s it had invested in a new program it called “Pet Reincarnation” it was designed to clone pets that were on their deathbeds or had passed on. But the company soon realized that if you do in fact clone a dog that was for example seven and had three more years to live, than its clone starting out as a puppy would in fact be seven and have three more years left before it dies. Neogen offered to have people send them a hair sample of a new animal that dwelt in their home. Neogen explained to the owners, why they an animal on its deathbed could not be cloned. Millions of people were fascinated at the new idea that was now advertised. Thousands sent their pets D.N.A. samples, so Neogen went from making millions to making trillions. Soon Neogen became one of the largest corporations the world had ever known. But by the end of the 90’s people began to see the flaws of genetics and slowly the company began to lose all their money. The countries that had once supported the company began to back down and that is when the small Alaskan facility had been created. This facilities purpose was not in anyway known to the prying eye of the public. When it had first been created the higher ups of the company had been divided. The men who were against it were quickly persuaded that it was in fact an excellent idea by large sums of money presented by Charles. Each of the men had received a quarter of a million dollars. So the stage was set and the Alaskan faculty was built. Those who were assigned to to work in the Alaskan Site on the “project” were only the top scientists and trusted employees. They would live there almost as if it was there second home but none could leave without the company’s permission. Neogen had said simply nothing get in and nothing gets out without clearance. Lila hated the company for that reason. She had family back at home that she was no longer able to see. All because she couldn’t resist the huge amount of money the company had offered her to work at the site. “Most of the staff has no idea why the company has sent us to this small hell hole” she thinks angrily.

And it was true the majority of the staff that worked in the Alaskan base simply served meals, did maintenance work or were security guards. Security took up most of the facilities space about 40% of the staff were either working as guards or control room staff. Though people here were confused by the huge guard population, no one really asked questions. The “cover operation” was a very clever one. Neogen simply said that they were creating a new cure for Cancer and Alzheimer’s and other drug companies might be willing to go to great lengths to get at their research.

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 07:55 PM
Add on this story if you want just remeber what this story is about...and rememeber that this Company if Fictional And MASSIVE!!! thats the only guidelines...ok thanks

Have good one


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