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Weird occurences and beings visiting

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 06:19 PM
COME ON GUYS!!! iam home alone and now i cant look out the window THANKS!![/B]

posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 06:56 PM
If you see a Gray with a 9 inch green anal probe walkin towards you, RUN LIKE HELL!

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posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 03:38 AM
no way a alien would stick a anal stick in 2 my ass.

I would do some karater kid movement and shout, " wax on Wax off !!!!"

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posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 05:18 AM
Whoever created the tin foil hat idea may have known more than they were letting on. I believe the primary idea is to create a faraday cage for your brain...but why?

If these critters are for real, then what they are doing is highjacking both hemispheres of your brain with some sort of electrical impulse that overloads both halves and causes them to shut down in a way much like an epileptic seizure. Except their method can put down the healthiest of brains to some degree. People who have recall of such events may have brains that either recover quicker, or are maybe, shall we say "out of spec" with the procedure. Maybe because of genetics or damage, their brain runs slightly out of skew with the rest of the population, and they lack the proper expected response to the procedure.

Now they may emit a beam that hits you in the head and does this, or they may take advantage of optical, auditory, and olfactory techniques to do this as well.

For example the sound of the high pitched noises. They may shift the frequency of the noise back and forth and to such a degree that it causes your brain to switch off. Remember each ear is controlled by the opposite brain. Maybe using some sort of sophisticated doppler shifting frequency, they might cause you to become paralyzed.

Now for the optical. People always report some sort of light, typically blue.
The white light may cover for the other colors of the light spectrum just in case you are blind to red, green, or yellow. Not sure how total color blindness would be dealt with, maybe it would be just the intensity of the light and the frequency of the flash. So what they would probably do is cycle the light intensity up and down, of varying colors, as well as strobing each light, and taking the two separate light strobes in and out of synch with each other, and thus a persons brain may shut down. Ever wonder why 3D movies use those red and blue lenses to fool your sense of depth,
or why modern shutter frame glasses for 3D applications do the same?

Olfactory....well there are some epileptics who will have a seizure if they smell a certain odor. Again, you have a right and left nasal passage, and they can probably be overloaded to the point where the crosstalk between the two hemispheres of the brain shut down.

If these creatures have visited the earth for a long time, they probably know exactly how our brains function, and can manipulate that knowledge and skill with the right tools. Sort of brain hacker.

So in short, put on the hat, put on at least one eye patch, put in at least one ear plug, and put in at least one nose plug. Then keep a gun handy because you'll need it once they figure you're not going down without squeezin off a few rounds.

Any ATS lab jockeys here who can experiment and prove said theory of induced abduction paralysis?

Here ya go, did anyone see the 80's movie "Looker"? It features a light gun that paralyzes people who look into it, and they're stunned for hours. Interesting concept.

posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 01:53 PM
Excellent post. Voted way above..

If you consider the olfactory idea, it's also possible they may use various chemical agents, like Chloroform.

Although one thing we have to realize is that alot of abductions take place while the victim is in the bedroom or car - while driving. How would such gaseous chemicals get into the car? Considering all windows may be closed and all air vents may be closed too... it would be impossible.. even if some did get in, the concentration may not be high enough. As for the bedroom.. well again, if windows are closed, the Grey would have to bring some kind of gas grenade into the room with him.. and that's never been reported by witnesses.

Personally, I'd much rather go along with the optical or electrical theory. Would such an electrical 'blast' to overload the brain be invisible and inaudible? Or would other people in the area notice it, as like an eletrical discharge?

The optical theory makes alot of sense.. But alot of abductees in the bedroom report being paralyzed totally.. and not being able to move. That does sound a little like a psychic attack to me. So, we can add psionics to the list.

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