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ERNA trials 2005 - nice pics and vids (picture thread)

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posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 09:05 AM
Yearly estonian ERNA trials again provided nice captions of military maneuvers. well sort of. Its rather a boy scout competition with a military flavour

Germans (Paras I think; G36K with EoTech sights) are passing through Belgians

Belgian soldiers (with F2000 Tactical)

Belgian closeup (F2000 loses a lot of its attraction without the fancy sights and grenade launcher IMO...)

US team

Estonian Army Recon Battalion (G36E - note finger on trigger...)

Proof: Shrek the ogre is a Hauptfeldwebel (First Sergeant) in the german Army

Crossing water obstacle (unknown team - possibly Italians?)

Informal competition on break day (there was an all women team in the competiton)

Crossing river with comrade on stretcher

Full Gallery

Opening assault (17MB) : note the accidental shots at around 1:08, and the lot of spectators

CP Delta Assault (12MB) Some wood monkeys

CP Echo Assault (13MB) Caution: short Full nude backside shots of german team at 1:09 (for those considering that offensive)

Final and detailed results. Both chinese teams scored pretty good.

Finally, the official site.

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