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Africa and why it's always going to stay poor

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posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 04:11 PM
Very simple and i'll make this quick.. Maybe we can have a debate on this topic.
It would be a good thing to debate with reps and dems as I know they see these things very differently.

But when you grow up your taught certain lessons, mainly how to take care of yourself.. Survival right..

How can someone take care of themself when they have been handed money, food, and clothing their whole life in replace of those vital lessons?

Africa is a huge welfare state.. That's how I look at it.. It always will be, and that live 8 thing does nothing but make those people more dependant on foreign aid.

These people don't even have the sense to move out of a drought infested area and into a more lush one ripe with vegetation...

Scientists say that we all originated in Africa, and migrated around the world...

We invented things, created, learned, and worked hard...

Is everybody who isn't in Africa more intelligent and sensible then these desert dwellers?

Are the people there as stupid as house flies??They keep producing offspring, they have no sense about having children if they can't afford one.. Meaning, they can barely take care of themself but they think they can care for a child who is just going to end up like them?! They know AIDS runs rampant within their country yet they don't have the sense to just chill out with the sexual rendezvous?!

Ok so there is nothing to do in a desert but sit and have sex, is that it?

This is just such a paradox to me, it may sound harsh and totally un pc, but it just amazes me...

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 07:31 PM
With the developments of Molecular nanotechnology, Africa may still be poor, but it's living conditions will be greatly improved. "Nanofactories" will be very portable and would be able to be set-up in any location. The dirty and diseased water there would become purified, and the abundance of water could be increased. Medical advancements, and the potential of eliminating diseases atom by atom, could eradicate any diseases that are already present, or may be formed... this includes AIDS. Since Nanotech will be so affordable, it is possible that African countries could set up there own factories and begin manufacturing their own things to support their country. It would provide the Africans with many things they would need. Who knows, maybe these factories could open up jobs for these people. Obviously not for the technical stuff... but maybe just little secretary jobs or something. What I'm getting at is that this tech could change all thi for Africa and make it a little more modernized. This will just add to the "just handing it to them and them learning no lessons" thing, which is a bad thing.

posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 05:39 PM

These people don't even have the sense to move out of a drought infested area and into a more lush one ripe with vegetation...

they cant because of political boundries probably

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 05:27 PM
Africa's problems are not entirely African in origin. Africa is a minerally wealthy continent. Its wealth has been the object of conquest for thousands of years. To the detriment of the people who lived there. The start of European colonization in the early nineteenth century was just the latest incarnation of this abuse. The Europeans spent the bulk of the nineteenth century conquering, plundering and dividing Africa its people and its resources among themselves.

After the end of the nineteenth century and through the first half of the twentieth century the imperial powers hold on Africa began to weaken. But that didn't end Africa's subjugation. The European powers left many oppressive and despotic regimes in power throughout Africa(a way of keeping political influence as well as protecting economic interests).

During Europe's domination of Africa they didn't do much except rape the land of its wealth and put down revolts with unprecendented brutality. They didn't build institutions of higher learning or public infrastructure other than what they needed for themselves.

After the end of European domination Africa became embroiled in the cold war between the USSR and the USA. Which didn't help matters any. All it did was pit despot against despot and suck up aid which was suppose to be meant for development. Most aid sent to Africa during the cold war was military. Which was of very little economic value.

Africa however economically was not a lost cause. In fact through the 60's and 70's Africa was a net exporter of food stuffs. What ended this was the man-made and natural disasters of the 80's and 90's. Which were exacerbated by economic aid which while temporarly fought off massive famine ended Africa's ability to feed itself. The food that was and is still being given away has made it impossible for African farmers to sell their crops on the market due to the influx of free food. Why buy when you can get it for free.

If Africa is going to prosper the world is going to have to rethink how it helps Africa. Not just throw some debt relief and some free food its way. But accept Africa as a partner in its own development. Stop looking at Africa as a region to be exploited and as a part of the world with alot of potential. Africa has alot to offer the rest of the world if we'd just let them.

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