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LOD dreams

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 10:21 PM
First off I want to say I have seen many bizarre entities all through out my life before. I did not make this post for that though. I made this post to try and figure out what my horrific dreams mean. I can remember horrific dreams I have had many years ago in great detail. I am still haunted by them. It would be nice if you could help me figure out what my dreams mean. I feel like my dreams are trying to warn me of something, or tell me something hidden deep within myself.

First off I dreamt this dream in color. This took place in Church, and we got a new Sunday school teacher. He was in his late 60's, had pale white skin; and was around 5'8 - 5'10ft tall. His face was all winkled up, and it made you feel sorry for him. He had white fuzzy hair,and had this soft gentle touch to him. This kindness you could sense. He had light blue eyes that would look deep within your soul. He seemed so excitied to teach us of the Love of God. He wanted to be "cool" with us so he bought us these new games to play. He told us to take them home and play them. The next thing I know, was that I was in a different location. It was pitch dark, and I couldn't see anything. It was very frightening. Then I saw light coming from a hole, and I figured out that I was in an old broken down house. I could hear noises within the house, and I sensed an evil. I was running trying to find my way out of the old house. I had to feel my way along the walls, and go through vents, and holes to make my way outside of the house. When I did, I saw everything in a grayish blue color. I felt very alone, and scared. I was running as far, and as fast as I could away from the house. Then something caught my attention. It was a water foundation like structure with the Holy Bible on it. I went up to it, and the book was open. It was not the Bible. Instead within the books pages were weird satanic symbols, and words that I have never seen before in a different language. Then out of no where a satanic demonic voice started to read the pages, and spoke in a different tongue, and the words on the page turnt blood red. Then he started yelling at me in english saying things like "God is not real" "Satan will defeat God" "Worship Satan" "Kill Your Parents" I denied all of it, and said YES GOD IS REAL, AND YES GOD WILL DEFEAT SATAN and tried to close my ears to it. Then in blood red the numbers 666 came on my "screen" and asked me to save the "game"
I think the game automatically saved itself. So everytime I played the game it became "real" & everytime I turnt it off I returned back to "reality". The next thing I remember is being back in Sunday School class. Our Sunday School Teacher seemed very happy, and pleased to see us. He told us he had a surprise for us, and smiled this evil looking smile. Then I remember that me and the other students were in a corn field that had a perfectly cut circle in the middle, in which we stood in. It was about midnight, and I remember looking up at the sky and seeing a full moon with no stars. There were two wooden tables in the middle of the circle (the circle looked like a crop circle) set up side by side in a linear way. On these wooden tables were satanic books, with silver hand guns infront of all the books. Infront of the table were most of our parents, and people who went to our Church. They were screaming at us, and yelling things such as "THIS MAN IS EVIL" "DON'T LISTEN TO HIM" "HE IS THE ANTI-CHRIST". Then our Sunday School teacher shook his head, and looked at us. He said kill them, they deserve to die. I asked why. He responded something like "Because they are bad people, they didn't pay their taxes ect.." That made me think he was part of the Government. Then the next thing I remember was, both of the tables were flipped over violently, and all the students had guns in their hands shooting their parents, and killed them while they were pleding for their lives. Then I watched them drop, and watched the blood pour out of their corpses into the middle of the circle. Our Sunday School teacher laughed, and I remembered that this man was so evil that my "friends" started to cry in blood. They were crying heavy thick dark red blood from their eyes. Blood was pouring out of their eyes like a waterfall. One of the girls got in my face, and started to weep violently.
Then I knew this man was the Anti-Christ. He did more things to us, but I don't want to talk about it.. I still remember the rest of my dream, but I just don't want to get into that right now.

I am a very strong Christian, and I believe in God. I do not know what this dream meant, but that is ONLY one of many of my dreams.

Any of your opinions would be helpful.


posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 10:38 PM
Dreams generally mean nothing, I mean when I was a child I had dreamt that I was running down a back alley with my mom and all of sudden thugs came by and killed her while I watched in horror from a corner. But that never came true, never will.(since I was that age when it happened and now I'm not)

Maybe it's just something your brain concaucted to keep you thinking? I mean, maybe it's something not to scare you, more so to keep good faith in god? The fact that you were the only one not to pick up the gun and kill your parents, shows that you hold true to yourself and you are not easily swayed by the evils that exist in the world, it's just a reminder of how strong of person you are when it comes to Faith and religion.

These are good because, although they scared the bajesus out of a person, they make a person hold a tighter bond with God, people will pray more to god, praying that it won't happen, it will assist in people looking towards God for assistance, guidance, and protection.

Remain Semper Fidelious my friend.

O and when I say "God" and "people" in the same paragraph, it is directed to this situation directly, respecting the fact that the people involved are christians, so I did not involve other religions, just a side note.

Shattered OUT...

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