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Streaming American Propaganda Live

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 04:04 PM
If anyone wants to hear a small example of American Propaganda at its best. Check this link out.

A very pro-Bush station.

For those who don't live in the USA, here is a glimpse of what Americans hear. This is a very huge station in the North Texas area. Stations just like KLIF are all across North America.

KLIF-AM Technical Info:
Status Licensed Class B AM Station

Area of Coverage

Hours of Operation Unlimited
Antenna Mode Directional - 2 Patterns
Transmitter Power 5000 Watts
Number of Towers 3
Transmitter Location 32° 56' 40" N, 96° 59' 25" W
License Expires August 01 2013
Last FCC Update July 25 2005

Station Owner:
Klif Lico, Inc.

Some information of the Area

Dallas, Dallas County, Texas

Population: 1,188,580
Males: 598,991 (50.4%)
Females: 589,589 (49.6%)

Elevation: 463 Feet

County: Dallas

Land Area: 342.5 Square Miles

Median Resident Age: 30.5 Years

Median Household Income: $37,628 (Year 2000)

Median House Value: $89,800 (Year 2000)

Races In Dallas:
* Hispanic (35.6%)
* White Non-Hispanic (34.6%)
* Black (25.9%)
* Other Race (17.2%)
* Two Or More Races (2.7%)
* American Indian (1.0%)
* Asian Indian (0.6%)
* Vietnamese (0.6%)

German (6.1%), English (5.8%), Irish (5.0%), United States (4.1%), Subsaharan African (1.5%), French (1.5%).

For Population 25 Years And Over In Dallas
* High School Or Higher: 70.4%
* Bachelor's Degree Or Higher: 27.7%
* Graduate Or Professional Degree: 9.6%
* Unemployed: 6.7%
* Mean Travel Time To Work: 26.9 Minutes

For Population 15 Years And Over In Dallas
* Never Married: 34.4%
* Now Married: 45.8%
* Separated: 3.5%
* Widowed: 5.4%
* Divorced: 10.8%

24.4% Foreign Born (19.8% Latin America, 2.6% Asia).

Nearest Cities:
Highland Park, Tx (2.3 Miles), University Park, Tx (3.5 Miles), Cockrell Hill, Tx (8.2 Miles), Farmers Branch, Tx (10.9 Miles), Addison, Tx (11.4 Miles), Hutchins, Tx (12.1 Miles), Mesquite, Tx (12.2 Miles), Richardson, Tx (12.5 Miles).

Show Host
Glenn Beck
Bill O'Reilly
Dr. Laura
Greg Knapp
Tony Snow
Alan Colmes
George Noory
Ed Wallace - "Wheels"

Fox News affiliate sponsors KLIF

FOX News Network has turned up the heat in the cable news arena. The cable channel, owned by Fox Entertainment Group, provides news coverage and commentary and is the top rated cable news network. One of its top shows is The O'Reilly Factor, featuring commentator Bill O'Reilly. The channel convinced former CNN legal star Greta Van Susteren to defect to its channel; she stars in On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. The firm also runs a related radio news network. FOX News Network stirs either passion or hatred among US television viewers, depending on their political persuasion. The channel declares its coverage, "Fair & Balanced," but to many, it is an unabashed supporter of conservative causes.

Fox Entertainment Group, Inc. owns the FOX Broadcasting Company, which operates 35 TV stations across the US, 34% of DIRECTV parent The DIRECTV Group, and FOX Cable Networks (including FX). In addition, the company owns FOX Sports Networks, which has interests in regional cable sports channels.

Fox Entertainment Group, Inc is a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is truly a global media empire. The company, which is one of the world's largest media conglomerates, publishes scores of newspapers (including The Times of London) and books (through units such as HarperCollins). The company's Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary has significant entertainment holdings, including FOX Broadcasting (TV network with 200 US affiliates) in the US, Twentieth Century Fox, and a 34% stake in DIRECTV parent The DIRECTV Group. It also owns 35 US TV stations and cable and satellite operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. Almost 70% of News Corp.'s sales come from its US businesses. Murdoch's family controls about 30% of the company.

Rupert Murdoch's media empire today reaches 4.7 billion people around the world, that is three-quarters of the world's population

There is a Documentry called Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism video 2004 80 mins.
The documentary goes behind the scenes at Fox News with former producers, reporters, bookers, and writers who make the case that Fox News isn't journalism at all. "We weren't a news gathering organization so much as a proponent of a point of view." These former employees talk about how they were ordered to push a "right wing" point of view, "anything that made the Democrats look stupid and the Republicans look good would get a pat on the back." And, "Murdoch doesn't believe in objectivity, he has contempt for journalism, he wants all news to be a matter of opinion because opinion can't be proven false." Employees talk about how while working at Fox, "it was very much an environment of fear." Some of those interviewed chose to remain anonymous to protect their current livelihoods. Most importantly the film discusses the effect of the public airwaves being controlled by a small number of corporations that can set the tone and agenda of public discourse and control what information is made available. "It undermines democracy which is based on knowing good and solid information And, it's stated that "propaganda works best when people don't believe their being propagandized." Finally the film raises a call to activism, to reshaping the media environment and regaining a balanced perspective. "It's not about the right or the left, it's about not letting five companies control the airwaves.

related topics

So there you have it. Rupert Murdoch perhaps the single most powerful media magnate ever. It's amazing how one man can control a 3rd of the media. I would have to say the USA is his Evangelic stomping ground.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 05:32 PM
Maybe this should be in the Politics@AboveTopSecret. The only response I can see this getting is a political-bashing fest. Just my thought.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:34 PM

Originally posted by 12 12 2012
Maybe this should be in the Politics@AboveTopSecret. The only response I can see this getting is a political-bashing fest. Just my thought.

Why don't you just move the whole Political Conspiracies on ATS to PTS ???

Maybe I should repost the thread again and rename it?

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:47 PM

Originally posted by XPhiles

Originally posted by 12 12 2012
Maybe this should be in the Politics@AboveTopSecret. The only response I can see this getting is a political-bashing fest. Just my thought.

Why don't you just move the whole Political Conspiracies on ATS to PTS ???

Maybe I should repost the thread again and rename it?

I never once suggested that entire debate of political conspiracy be moved, its just that a radio station broadcasting under FCC regulations and CHOOSING what format to go with is not really a conspiracy now is it? I was not commenting on the thread, its actually written quite well, just couldn't see how this would be a conpiracy.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 07:17 PM
Its not about a radio station broadcasting under FCC regulations. It's about how Rupert Murdoch can influence millions of people. Murdoch does influence the public on behalf of his conservative views. He is able to create TV channels and interactive services at will, giving them favorable placement in his US media empire.

It's obvious its propaganda. FCC has failed and plans to get rid of an important regulations so that Rupert Murdoch can buy more TV stations, radio stations and newspapers, giving him control over much of the news you hear.

One man controls a 3rd of US and world media monopoly! My guess is the government is asleep and the corporations are wide awake. "12 12 2012" If thats not a conspiracy then I don't no what one is.

Now move my thread back lol.

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