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How do YOU feel about conspiracy theories?

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 06:34 PM
I remember the first time I got sucked into the world of conspiracy it was when I was bored one long summer night.
A few years back it was a site dedicated to the J.F.K. assassination . I couldn't believe all the info that was available and I felt I was on to something.
My thirst for conspiracy could not be tamed and so I kept on. I found out about the bilderberg and Carlyle group , N.W.O. , 9/11 , aliens, lizards , U.F.Os , neoconservatism , freemasons etc etc etc the list is endless all the major conspiracies I went through even falling foul of a few fake conspiracies now and again
My point is this my thirst for knowlege is drying out now and I feel I have a good handle on what is going on but as nothing has ever changed e.g. Bush got away with 9/11 and got elected again , we still went to war hell we are still there now, i.d. cards are coming in the U.K. ,censorship is on the rise and whats the point of freedom of speech if no one is listening? the points all brought up by anti war demonstrators have no effect , the issues brought up in this site and others have no effect at all to what Bush, Blair and the NWO do..
I used to own a shop and everyday people would come in with there tabloid newspaper and we would shoot the breeze about current events and I would manage to change a few people opinions on some subjects affecting the world today, you know you just got to someone when they give you that look like you have just made something click in there head.
I was feeling like I was making a difference in my own small way but all you have to do is watch any current affairs program like Question time to see that the general public are sheep, dumb red top newspaper reading sheep but whats worse being a sheep, or knowing the truth and still being a sheep? because lets face it there is nothing we can really do to stop anything from happening that the people in control want to happen....
Is conspiracy theory just a hobbie for people are do they feel that sites like this one make a difference?
I would love to hear other people's opinions on this post

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